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Romantic Robin Hood's Bay For Couples

Romantic Robin Hood's Bay For Couples

Have you been wondering where to go for a romantic weekend in the uk?

Then we have the perfect romantic coastal destination for you. Robin Hood’s Bay.

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A Cosy Romantic Cottage Stay

Would it be romantic if it wasn’t cosy? Cosy is what we have here in Robin Hood’s Bay. Red pantile rooftops, stacked up cottages and cobbled alleyways. Smoking chimneys, the roar of the sea and chatter of seagulls filling the air.

Quirky and cute, some big enough to comfortably sleep four or more yet perfectly sized for just two. Some with log fires, sea views or dog friendly. No cottage in Robin Hood’s Bay is far from the beach or coastal walks. Everything you need is right here on the doorstep, the local stores, restaurants, cafes and little independent shops. You’ll never have to leave. 

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Romantic Beach Walk’s

Is there anything more romantic than strolling hand in hand along the beach. Wrapped up in winter, cuddled together as you walk in the fresh crisp sea air. Light clothes blowing in the sea breeze in summer walking barefoot in the sand. The calming sounds of the sea lapping at the shore. Exploring rock pools for crabs and starfish. Sounds of seabirds all around you, dramatic cliffs and the stunning Ravenscar headland. Gazing as far out to sea as the eye will let you. This is romantic Robin Hood’s Bay. 

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Romantic Dinners

What is a romantic breakaway without a romantic dinner? Dine on the freshest seafood at The Bramblewick in surroundings as cosy as your cottage. And all the romantic ambience you could ask for. Equally as cosy and full of ambience enjoy a candlelit dinner at The Smugglers. Follow in the footsteps of Hollywood and dine at the Victoria Hotel. Famous for their authentic homemade currys and themed nights. Grab yourself a table for two at The Wayfarer and enjoy Steak and Bake night. 

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Cosy Pub Lunch

Blustery winter days and stormy seas where better to retreat to than a cosy pub for lunch. Rip roaring fires and hand warming glasses of mulled wine. In the brisk winter months you can always count on the Bay Hotel to be your pub lunch haven. Sit by the window and watch the stormy seas as the waves crash against each other.

For an unspoiled view over the bay grab a table in the Orangery at the Victoria Hotel. Enjoy a light lunch whilst gazing over the rooftops of the old village across to the Ravenscar Headland. In the summer months enjoy lunch in the garden breathing in the fresh sea air as you watch the sun glisten over the ripples of the sea.

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Star Gazing

What can be more stunning than looking up at the night sky and seeing a thousand stars. What is more romantic than lying hand in hand staring up at the sky spotting stars. Head down to the Quarterdeck, blankets in hand and a flask of hot chocolate. Lie down on the benches let your eyes adjust and marvel at the twinkling dots gazing back at you.

You may think stars are well just stars but here they are extra special. The North York Moors National Park is an International Dark Sky Reserve. Here it’s possible to see meteorites, the Milky Way, Planets and shooting stars. 

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Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

Watching the sunrise and the sunset are possibly two of the most romantic things you can do. But, then there’s something about the coast. Watching the sun rise or set over the sea makes it so much more special. Red, pink, orange and purple skies. The sunsets are just as spectacular in winter as they are in summer. And, you won’t have to get up so early or stay up late to catch them. Don’t forget the camera and the blankets to snuggle up warm together while you sit and gaze. 

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Treat Therapy for a Massage

Why not treat your other half to a relaxing massage at Treat Therapy. Choose from Holistic Treatments, Spa Treatments. Facials or a Treatment Package. Lasting from 30 up to 150 mins take the chance to completely relax and let life's stresses drift far away.

Packed full of little gifts continue the relaxation with an aromatherapy candle. Take home something to cherish and remind of your romantic stay in Robin Hood’s Bay. 

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Afternoon Tea & Prosecco

Take a seat in the Orangery at the Victoria Hotel and gaze out to sea for a romantic afternoon tea. A delicious selection of sandwiches and homemade fruit scones with jam and cream. Delectable cakes and fancies washed down with oodles of tea or coffee. Would it be romantic if you didn't add bubbles of Prosecco?

Did we mention the Victoria Hotel has been graced with Hollywood stardom? The Victoria Hotel was one of the settings for The Phantom Thread. Starring Daniel Day-Lewis.

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Romantic Movie Night in front of of the fire

After a day beach walking, filling your bellies with delicious food and stargazing head back to your cosy cottage. Enjoy a romantic night curled up in front of the fire in winter. Enjoy your favourite movies, popcorn and hot chocolate or a glass of wine. 

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Pop The Question & Say I Do

Possibly the most romantic of gestures you could make for your loved one. Your choice of moments to pop the all important question here in Robin Hood’s Bay are endless. Your romantic beach walks, romantic dinners for two, afternoon tea or star gazing to name a few.

To make it all the more special the very place you popped the question can be the very place you say ‘I Do’. Marry your soul mate in The Coves secret Chapel or at The Victoria Hotel in the garden on a glorious summer's day.

You’ll be spoilt for choice for your reception with the many restaurants, hotels and the Village Hall all available for hire.

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Where To Stay:

Here’s a quick look at our selection of cosy cottages just perfect for two:

Gilroyd House | Sleeps 6 | WIFI

Greenfield House | Sleeps 6 | WIFI

Joyce Cottage | Sleeps 6 | WIFI | Pet Friendly | Parking

Darncliff | Sleeps 5

Fisherman’s Cottage | Sleeps 5 | WIFI | Pet Friendly

Rothwell Cottage | Sleeps 5 | WIFI | Pet Friendly | Parking

Orchard Cottage | Sleeps 5 | WIFI | Pet Friendly

Bay Cottage | Sleeps 4 | WIFI | Pet Friendly

Bert’s Cottage | Sleeps 4 | Parking

Brigholme | Sleeps 4 | WIFI | Pet Friendly

Coach House Cottage | Sleeps 4 | WIFI | Parking

Cosy Cottage | Sleeps 4 | WIFI | Pet Friendly

Eastwood Cottage | Sleeps 4 | WIFI | Pet Friendly

Graystones | Sleeps 4 | WIFI | Pet Friendly | Parking

Roma Cottage | Sleeps 4 | WIFI | Parking

Sunnyside Cottage | Sleeps 4 | WIFI

Yarra House | Sleeps 4 | WIFI | Pet Friendly | Parking

The Captain’s Store | Sleeps 2 | Pet Friendly

Show your loved one you care. Take a closer look and start planning your romantic stay here.

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