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Parking in Robin Hood's Bay

Parking in lower Robin Hood's Bay

Fisherhead Car Park

Fisherhead car park is a privately owned car park in the lower village of Robin Hood's Bay. You cannot park without a permit.

If the cottage that you have booked has a permit for Fisherhead car park, you must collect it from the cottage and display it in your windscreen for the duration of your stay. It is essential that the permit is returned to the cottage when you depart. The permits cannot be replaced.

If the cottage you have booked doesn't have a permit, you can order one in advance by calling Dave or Helen on 01947 880723 Monday-Friday between the hours 9am-5pm. Permits are available for any number of days but are few in number and are quickly sold out at busy times.

Fisherhead car park - Sample price list:

  • £30 for a 3 night weekend (Friday - Monday)
  • £70 for a week
  • Other prices available on request

Please note that permits will not be issued over  the February & October half term holidays, Victorian weekend, Christmas & New Year.

Please note that camper vans, mini buses and trade vans over half a ton are not allowed.

To find Fisherhead car park, drive down the bank into the lower village. Continue around the tight S bend passing The Laurel Inn on your left and Muir Lea Stores on your right. After 50 yards, take the right hand turn up the track and continue straight into Fisherhead car park.

Parking in upper Robin Hood's Bay

There are two council owned car parks in the upper village of Robin Hood's Bay and are located opposite The Victoria Hotel and the Grosvenor Hotel. The car parks are owned by Scarborough Borough Council.

You can purchase a pass from Station Road Stores situated in the middle of the two car parks. The cost for a permit is £8 per day (min stay, 2 nights). The pass does not guarantee you a space but does allow you to park in any other Scarborough Borough Council car parks in the borough and is useful if you intend to visit other places during your stay such as Whitby & Scarborough.

Unloading in lower Robin Hoods Bay

We appreciate that although you may not have a parking permit for the lower village of Robin Hood's Bay, you may want to drive into the lower village to unload. Robin Hood's Bay is a dead end once you drive down into the lower village. Please be aware that much of the village is pedestrianised and you cannot drive up to many of the cottages.

Traffic Wardens do operate in Robin Hood's Bay especially during peak times of the year and will issue you a ticket if you overstay your welcome in any area that has double yellow lines or prevents others from passing. 

On the way down into the lower village, there are points where it is only possible for one vehicle to pass through. Please be patient and considerate of others.

When unloading on the steep bank (Bay bank), please pull over to the right on the way down or left on the way up ensuring that much larger vehicles are able to pass as well as the average sized car. 

It is also possible to pull in outside of Muir Lea Stores. Please be aware that this area is quite tight and it is important to tuck your vehicle in tightly to enable the passing of others.

We would advise not unloading in the Dock area of the lower village as this is the only turning space for vehicles. 

It is also possible to unload on King Street however it is quite tight and a single track dead end road. You will have to drive up King Street and reverse back down which can be very tricky and would only advise confident drivers to do this. 

Once you have unloaded please return your car to the car park.

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