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  • Tick Bite Prevention For You, Your Family & Your Dog

    Tick Bite Prevention For You, Your Family & Your Dog

    Do you worry about Ticks when out in the countryside, on the moors or in the woods?

    Or maybe you have never really given it a thought.

    Our Blog ‘Tick Bite Prevention For You, Your Family & Your Dog’ is a handy all you need to know guide about Tick Prevention.

    In it you will learn:

    How to identify a Tick

    What to avoid when out and about to prevent Ticks

    How to check for Ticks after spending time out in the countryside

    Preventative steps to take to avoid ticks

    How to identify symptoms from Tick bites

    You will also find out about why it is important to protect yourself, your family and your pets from Ticks.

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