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52 Ways To Enjoy Robin Hood's Bay: #21 Experience The Robin Hood's Bay Ghost Walk

52 Ways To Enjoy Robin Hood's Bay: #21 Experience The Robin Hood's Bay Ghost Walk

On certain nights throughout the year you'll find a board that sits just at the top of the slipway to the beach in the Dock of Robin Hood's Bay. Now this board isn't any old board. This is The Robin Hood's Bay Ghost Walk board and when the board is out, you'll find the walk is about.

Fear not this is not a Ghost Walk to scare you to your core and give you nightmares for the remainder of your stay leaving you quivering under the covers. This is a family friendly Ghost Walk. Even the well behaved pooch is welcome too. We really do have the most "Dog Friendly" village.

Returning to the board just before the given time you will be greeted by your friendly host Rose complete with top hat where you'll purchase your ticket. Here in the Dock you will congregate with your fellow Ghost Walkers ready to be taken on a journey through the cobbled streets and alleyways of the mystical Robin Hood's Bay.

As you set off guided along winding through the streets up and down stairs you will gather round at points. It's at these points where Rose will take you on a journey through time speaking of legends from years gone by, Ghosts from Robin Hood's Bay past, folklore and tales of the very people that wandered the streets back then as you are now.

Be sure to wrap up warm on your journey into the past for it can get cold here on an evening when the sea wind blows.

Stay close together and follow your guides lead for you never know what lurks in the shadows of Robin Hood's Bay.

Please Note:

The Robin Hood's Bay Ghost Walk is not suitable for small infants under the age of 4 and pushchairs.

For more information and dates just click here.

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