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Falling Foss Tea Garden & Sneaton Forest

Falling Foss Tea Garden & Sneaton Forest

In-between Maybeck and Littlebeck near Whitby and nestled midway between the two in the heart of the woods at the top of Falling Foss waterfall you will find Midge Hall.

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Bought as a shell of a building and lovingly restored to the quaint, gorgeous house you see standing today Midge Hall and its garden became Falling Foss Tea Garden.

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A must visit for anyone and everyone who loves good, quality produce, great service with a huge smile and the outdoors.

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Family friendly, dog friendly and walker friendly, everyone is welcome. The gardens are covered in wood chip perfect for soft play and letting the little ones loose under a watchful eye. Also, nice and comfy for the pooch to lie for a rest too. There's the kiddies play corner, the herb garden, seating open to the elements and seating under canvas rooftops. You'll meet the 3 bears and don't forget to get an Instagram photo in the Foss Photo Frame.

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As you sit you will hear the subtle sound of the waterfall as the local wildlife hop and fly around you.

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As for the food it's good quality local produce served up in eco-friendly sustainable packaging. The Bacon Sandwiches come highly recommended and we can honestly say the best for miles. The homemade soup is thick, nutritious and super tasty and the scones with the perfect amount of jam and fresh cream are undeniably divine. You could say we're huge fans. You will also find a selection of sandwiches, salads, light bites, cakes and hot and cold beverages on the menu.

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Once you've devoured your delicious Foss Feast you may choose to take a stroll around Sneaton Forest. If you head towards Littlebeck you will stumble across the Hermitage a man-built cave chiselled out of a giant boulder complete with stone bench inside and stone seats on top. A fascinating spot for adults and children and a great place for the curious to climb.

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Walk to Maybeck and don't forget to put a penny in the log.

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Rumour has it that in the woods to the left of Midge Hall over the bridge (watch out for the Troll) and over the stream there's a little door at the base of a tree. Now we've never found the door, but we would love to hear from you if you have.

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Whichever ever way you decide to go in the forest you're in for a lovely walk and who knows what amazing wildlife you'll happen to meet along the way?

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Just a short car journey of approximately 10 minutes from Robin Hood's Bay. Prefer to walk? Walking will take you up and over the hills onto Fylingdale Moor on a 5-mile hike. You will need a good level of fitness for the climb, but you will be graced with fabulous views across over Fylinthorpe, Robin Hood's Bay, Ravenscar and out to sea.

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Falling Foss Tea Garden is open seasonally from April through to September weather depending. For the most up-to-date date information call ahead or check social media.

Telephone: 07723 477929

For the Facebook page just click here.

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