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Microgap in the North York Moors National Park

Microgap in the North York Moors National Park

Craving an escape? Longing for adventure? Want to travel but can't take a break from your job or career?

In an age of 0 hours contracts and struggles to get on the housing ladder you may find yourself with a lower income or indeed living with your parents or both! Let’s face it living at home has its perks and we all love our parents but no matter what age we are we love to escape them. On the flipside they probably want us to escape too.

You want to discover and tick off the adventures that are on your bucket list. You dream but don't think it can be a reality. You're wrong!

Microgap: “The act of taking short breaks that offer the same enriching opportunities for self-development as that experienced on a typical gap year or career break.” Visit Britain

You can have all the excitement of travelling. You can have all the adventure, discovery and experiences that a gap year can offer. You can have all this without spending a fortune and without ever having to leave Britain. You can have all this in a one night, two night or 3-night escape. You are about to take yourself on a Microgap, #MyMicrogap or should we say yours?

We want to bring you a little inspiration for a Microgap in the North York Moors National Park. We want to inspire you with excitement and give you a taste of what Robin Hood’s Bay, the surrounding area and our amazing National Park has to offer. Read on for a micro look into how truly amazing it really is and the elements that create the Microgap.

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Learn New Skills:

Whitby Surf School

Did you know that the UK was a hot spot for surfing? Right here in Whitby we have our very own Surf School. Learn to surf and experience the thrill of the North Sea or take a stand-up paddleboard safari up the River Esk and enjoy a spot of mindfulness while you learn as you take in your surroundings.

To Book your surfing or paddle boarding experience just click here.

Coastal Foraging & Cooking with Taste The Wild

For an all year-round hobby or experience why not try your hand at foraging? Each month and season brings with its new produce of the wilds. One Day Coastal Foraging courses are available in two wonderful coastal villages of the North York Moor’s National Park. Robin Hood’s Bay and Staithes. You’ll learn how to identify the edible from the non-edible and the cook methods suited to your foraged finds. Lunch is included before learning about foods that can be foraged from the land along this stunning stretch of coastland.

To Book a day of coastal foraging simply click here.

Mackerel Hook & Cook Trips with Real Staithes

Everything that it says on the tin. You are going to learn to catch your own Mackerel, learn to prepare and clean it, cook and smoke your catch, then here comes the best bit, you are going to devour it. Where are you going to do this? Just off the coast of the picturesque fishing village of Staithes. Seafood doesn’t get fresher than this.

To Hook yourself a trip with Real Staithes just click here.

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Improve Wellbeing:
Llama Trekking

What better way to discover the North York Moors National Park than trekking with your new friend, a Llama? Once you have been introduced you have the choice of a more local shorter walk of 1.5 hours. Not enough Llama time? Take a 4-hour trek over the moors and take in the breath taking and quite stunning views across the open moorland.

Top Tip: if you can take your Microgap in the late Summer months you will be wowed with a sea of purple heather adorning the moors.

Looking to Book your trekking experience? No prob-llama just click here.

Stargazing with Hidden Horizons

Have you ever seen a night sky full of stars? Did you know the North York Moors National Park is a hot spot for stargazing and on a clear night you can see some 2000 stars? Hidden Horizons can take you on a journey through our night skies. Depending on the time of year you may be lucky enough to see the Milky Way, Meteors, Planets or Shooting Stars.

To Book your stargazing experience click here.

Dalby Forest Parkrun

Taking place every Saturday at 9:00am throughout the year Dalby Forest Parkrun will take you on a 5km run throughout the great forest. Get those endorphins flowing taking in all types of terrain in the forest. You’ll find yourself running over roads, footpaths, gravel ways, wooden foot bridges, through mud and puddles whilst surrounded by the magnificent woodland and nature that call Dalby Forest their home.

For a bonus you can improve your wellbeing here for free.

If you have never completed a Parkrun before all you have to do is follow the instructions to register here.

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Discover Local Flavours:

Whitby Gin

Available to buy by the bottle from several locations in and around the North York Moors National Park. You can also purchase a Whitby Gin and your favourite Tonic in many of the licensed establishments across the North York Moors National Park also. What makes this Gin so special we hear you ask? It quite literally is the taste of the Moorland and Coastland that surrounds Whitby. With all the traditional botanicals of a Gin Whitby Gin has 3 extra special ingredients that gives it its unique flavour. Sugar Kelp foraged at low tide in Robin Hood’s Bay. Foraged Heather that graces the moorland for mile upon mile. Local honey produced on the moors of our National Park.

When you return from your Microgap you can purchase your favourite new Gin online here. As you sit back each sip will evoke memories of your adventure.

Fortune’s Kippers

Established in 1872 Fortune’s Kippers of Whitby has been a local delicacy for nearly 150 years. Fortune’s is a traditional smokehouse in the heart of the Old Town of Whitby and the beauty of it is it’s, its very own bit of heritage and history. Housed in its original building as you wander up Henrietta Street you will be met with the sweet smoky smell that flavours the kippers before you see the shop itself. All you need to do is follow your nose.

To find Fortune’s just click here.

Whitby Brewery Tour

Just Love Beer? Then this is the tour for you. You will be introduced to the ingredients, the brewing process, the tools for the job and the history that make up Whitby Brewery and produces fine local craft Beers. Once you’ve become acquainted with the brewery your taste buds will be introduced to the Beer itself with a tasting tray of 3 Beers.

To Book your Whitby Brewery Tour just click here.

Fallen in love with Whitby Brewery’s fine selection of Ales you can order them online here.

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Eating Out:

No Mircogap taken on the coast of the North York Moor’s National Park would be complete without tasting some real fresh seafood. Here are our suggestions for all pockets.


Head for any of the Fish and Chip Takeaway establishments in Whitby. You can’t really go wrong with any after all Whitby is famous for its Fish and Chips.

Relaxed Dining

Get yourself to The Magpie Café. You will find a whole range of seafood dishes here at very affordable prices all packed full of flavour and tasting great and you really get value for money, the portions are huge.

The Magpie Café has been serving the locals and visitors of Whitby for years.

Highly popular the que you will find outside is testament to its popularity and good food done well.

You can drool over the menu here and find The Magpie Café’s location here.

Luxury Dining

Looking for a bit of extravagance in your seafood dining experience then look no further than Andrew Pern’s The Star Inn The Harbour in Whitby.

You’ll find Catch of the Day dishes, a Seasonal All-Day Menu as well as Surf and Turf dishes.

You can lick your lips over the sample menu’s here and Book your table here.

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Support A Good Cause:


Probably the quickest way you can support a good cause. Help us keep our coast as free from marine plastics and other types of rubbish and debris as possible. Whether you do 2 minutes or 2 hours it all helps in the movement. You could even do a 2 Minute Beach Clean in each location:

Robin Hood’s Bay



Runswick Bay

To find out more on how you can support the #2minutebeachclean movement visit here.

Let’s care for our marine life, our beaches and each generations future. Every 2 minutes helps.

Shop Local

We understand that it is difficult currently to completely shop locally and not purchase products form the big stores. Across the North York Moor’s National Park, you will find lots of independent shops, producers and products. Food, drink, handmade items, art, toiletries you name it you can probably find it here.

Support the independent businesses and keep them for our future. Every little helps, that card, that meal, that gift for a loved one, it all helps small independent business to not just survive but thrive.

Book Direct & With Local Companies

Whether its an experience, a meal or your accommodation book direct. Can’t book direct? Then use the independent businesses where possible.

Baytown Holiday Cottages although doesn’t own the cottages we represent we are very much a small local business and that is why our cottage owners choose us to represent them and take bookings on their behalf. We know the cottages inside and out. We’re both local and can tell you so much about the area. We can make recommendations and not only that you’ll get a personal friendly service even if you choose to book online with us its all dealt with by the two of us. Sian and Sam.

We love to showcase Robin Hood’s Bay and the North York Moors National Park both on our website but also through our Social Media. One way you can support us is by simply following us on your favourite Social Media platform:






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Indulge A Passion:


Robin Hood’s Bay alone is home to an array of artists all different. The North York Moor’s National Park is also home to many artists also but it’s the vast moorland and dramatic coastline that is the inspiration for many a piece of art.

You will find galleries across the National Park, but there are just too many to name.

Our personal favourite gallery because of the ever-changing artists and style of art that is exhibited there has to be the Inspired By gallery at The Moors National Park Centre in Danby.

For information on up to date exhibitions just click here.


There are deep strong musical roots here in Robin Hood’s Bay and the North York Moor’s National Park with a heavy heritage of Folk Music here on the coast. Whitby hosts its very Folk Week and Robin Hood’s Bay its own Folk Weekend.

Throughout the villages and towns, you will find an array of music from events to folk clubs to bands playing in the pubs. You will also find the Open-Air Theatre in Scarborough hosting acts throughout the summer and Dalby Forest host a small number of artists too. Two very unique venues.

No matter where your night takes you particularly at the weekend you are likely to stumble upon live music.

For more information just click here.


Food is more than just fuel. Feed your passion for food whether its eating, drinking browsing farmers markets, food festivals or learning how to cook you will find it all here in the North York Moors National Park.

There is an abundance of quality local produce across the National Park you will quite simply be spoilt for choice. There quite literally is too much to begin to tell you about. A great resource to find what you’re looking for can be found here. Whether it’s a cookery school, eating out or a farmer’s market you will find all the inspiration you need or want.

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Local Culture:

The Endeavour Experience Whitby

No trip to Whitby would be complete without learning about the famous explorer Captain James Cook. The Endeavour Experience Whitby is an immersive and interactive experience that takes you on a journey back in time to the days when Whitby was indeed Captain Cook’s home. Where does it all take place? On a full-sized replica ship of Captain Cook’s Endeavour, the very boat he sailed out of Whitby harbour on his first voyage of discovery.  Discover life of a crew member, nautical knots, Cook’s Great Cabin and what life was like to be a voyager in the 1700’s.

For more information on The Endeavour Experience just click here.

Whitby Goth Weekend’s

 Whitby has played host to two Whitby Goth Festivals since 1994. Now world famous it is possible to enjoy Whitby Goth Weekend usually in April and at the end of October. Don your best Goth regalia and come and enjoy bands, markets and much more. Or maybe you’re a keen photographer searching for a muse? You’re certain to find a muse during Goth Weekend.

To find out more about this ever-popular event click here.

Whitby Regatta

Taking place each August Whitby Regatta is a tradition dating back some 170 years or so. A very popular event you will find a weekend packed full of events including yacht and rowing races, a fun fair, a whole host of entertainment and as the weekend closes the most spectacular fireworks display that can be witnessed from all around the town. A favourite of ours.

For up to date information on this year’s Whitby Regatta click here.

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Embrace A Challenge:

The Cleveland Way

Spanning 109 miles The Cleveland Way takes in heather moorland and dramatic coastline. With stunning views, famous landmarks, old fishing villages, seaside towns and market towns you will be astounded as well as challenged. The national trail is truly spectacular.

From Robin Hood’s Bay it is possible to walk the dramatic cliffs to Whitby or to Scarborough.

For more information on the Cleveland Way click here

Go Ape

Deep in the heart of the great Dalby Forest you will find Go Ape. Experience life amongst the trees on a mission of 888 meters of platforms, ropes and ziplines. Are you brave enough to reach the highest platform of 35 meters, walk the longest platform of 15 meters and take the plunge and zip along the longest zip line all 250 meter’s? Not thrilling enough? Then why not try a Twilight Zip? That’s right, Go Ape in the dark.

For all the information you need and to Book your Go Ape adventure click here.

North Yorkshire Off Road Centre

Tucked away on a hillside overlooking the village of Robin Hood’s Bay you will find the North Yorkshire Off Road Centre. With its own quarry and hillside at the centre with Robin Hood’s Bay as the back drop you are in for a thrilling ride in a 4x4. With terrain suited to beginners and more experienced drivers you are sure to be challenged no matter your level of experience.

Prepare to be wowed by the view and the challenge ahead of you.

To find out how to book your 4x4 experience just click here.

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Tick Off Bucket List Experiences:

Whitby Whale Watching

Desperate to go Whale Watching? Think you have to travel halfway around the world to see Whales and Dolphins? You’re wrong! You can do it right here off the coast of Whitby. The wildlife spotting doesn’t stop there you could be treated to sightings of migrating birds as well as Porpoises, Minke Whales and Humpback Whales.

To book your Whale Watching trip just click here.

North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Across the North York Moor’s National Park runs the heritage railway The North Yorkshire Moors Railway. Sit back and relax, take yourself back in time on one of the steam powered trains and take in the North York Moors heather moorland.

Made famous recently for channel 5’s The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard come and spot your favourite characters. Visit Goathland Station or as some of you may be aware Hogsmeade Station in the first Harry Potter film The Philosophers Stone. Goathland Station is also indeed Aidensfield Station as Goathland was in fact home of Heartbeat the ITV series.

Visit the Engine Sheds at Grosmont and look out for Piglet working away to keep the Engines in working order.

For the full bucket list experience why not book a dining experience?

To find out more about the North Yorkshire Moor’s Railway and to Book just click here.

Discover A Colony of Seals

At the very far end of Robin Hood’s Bay Beach under the Ravenscar headland you will find colonies of Seals. Basking in the sunshine on the rocky scaurs they are quite a spectacular sight to see.

To say right here on the coastline of Robin Hood’s Bay and the North York Moor’s National we are able to see Seals is quite spectacular.

Very much an experience that is dependent on what the tides are doing you can find a little advice on safety before you head on your Seal seeking adventure here.  

Top Tip: Don’t forget the camera!

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Meet New People:

No matter where you go throughout Robin Hood’s Bay and the North York Moor’s National Park you will meet many people. We are friendly bunch here in North Yorkshire but don’t just take our word for it, come and find out for yourself.

So where will your #MyMicrogap take you?

We hope we’ve inspired you and opened your eyes to how truly spectacular, magnificent, and exciting Robin Hood’s Bay and The North York Moor’s National Park truly are.

There’s one last thing we forgot to tell you, where to stay. Where better than an old fisherman’s cottage in the heart of an old fishing village set in amongst the very dramatic cliffs of our coastline that we have describe to you. Add to that a rich history of smuggling contraband through tunnels and secret passages in the cottages, contraband never seeing daylight till it reached the top of the village.

You can browse our selection of old fisherman’s cottages right here.

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