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10 Local Products You Just Have To Try

10 Local Products You Just Have To Try

Right here in Robin Hood’s Bay we have an abundance of good quality local produce on our doorstep, so much so that a list of ten barely scratches the surface.

This list of ten is a nice little taster of some of the amazing produce all made with and or inspired by local produce, the landscape or heritage of Robin Hood’s Bay, Whitby and the North York Moor’s National Park.

The list is not in any order of importance or preference although here at Baytown Holiday Cottages we are huge fans of Baytown Coffee and Jackson’s Butchers Pork and Stilton Pies. So, we suppose we’ll start there:

1. Baytown Coffee

Where do we start other than Baytown Coffee is great hand roasted coffee. Its namesake being the very name that Robin Hood’s Bay was once called back in the days of smuggling and when Baytown was indeed alive and bustling with fishing families. Except for the Coxswain blend you will find blends named Boggle Hole, The Bolts, Albion Street, Ness Point and Bay Bank all of which can be located in Baytown.

Not only can you sample this delicious coffee in many of the establishments in Robin Hood’s Bay, Whitby and across the North York Moors National Park, you can buy bags of beans or ground coffee from many of the local shops too. What about when you return home from your day out or your stay in a Baytown Holiday Cottage? You can buy your new favourite blend and brand of coffee online. You can get your daily dose of Baytown in a cup at home. What better way to reminisce about your favourite staycation or vacation destination?

2. Jacksons Butchers Pork & Stilton Pie

So good you have to que; the Pork & Stilton Pies are a sell-out daily so it's best to get there early. Baked fresh in the mornings these pies taste their most amazing still warm but don't be deterred they are just as amazing cold, you just can't beat that fresh out the oven experience. Pie for breakfast isn't to everyone's taste and generally a Pork Pie is eaten cold. The pastry is perfection, the pork in this pie is like no other and the hint of Stilton coming through in every bite is delectable. We know blue cheese isn't to everyone's liking but it's worth noting that blue cheese takes on a slightly different flavour when cooked and is far subtler on the palate. A family butchers in Ruswarp, Jacksons is also famous for its breakfast sandwiches especially the sausage. You can also buy cake, cold meats, cooked meats, raw meat products and game. Perfect for a large selection of the Holiday Food Shop.

  3. Baytown Beer 

Although not brewed in Robin Hood's Bay Baytown Beer and Spirits are very much inspired by the heritage of Baytown. With products like:

 Baytown Bitter 

 Squires Connivance Porter 

 Smugglers Haul Strong Bitter 

 Press Gang's Arrival Pale Ale 

 Revenue's Revenge Premium Lager 

 Petticoats Deceit Premium Cider 

Dragoon Whiskey 

 Linger's Ghost Vodka 

 Squire Farsyde Port 

 Zachariah Storm Gin 

 All names derived from families, legends and tales all dating back to when the village was Baytown and awash with smuggling and contraband. You will find many of the Baytown Beers and Spirits in local Pubs, eateries and shops as well as being available to purchase online when you return home from your stay or trip.

  4. Botham's Cakes & Biscuits 

 Established in 1865 by Elizabeth Botham and starting out with just a green cart selling baked cakes and biscuits Botham’s of Whitby remains a family run business to this day. Generations on, the Botham family now have 5 shops from Whitby to Pickering including the original Skinner Street Shop & Tea Rooms. With an unbelievable selection of cakes, biscuits, pastry and savoury products it would be impossible to recommend just one. You can also purchase hampers, cakes and biscuits online for when you just need that taste of proper Whitby and Yorkshire fare. Where better to sample a traditional afternoon tea than one of the Botham's Tearooms either in Whitby or Pickering. For a true sense of Victorian Nostalgia, it has to be the original Tearooms on Skinner Street.

5. Whitby Brewery Ales

Sitting up near to Whitby Abbey Whitby Brewery has grown from its home brewery days. It's also worth noting that not only has it grown selling Beers in the pubs in Whitby and the local surrounding villages it is also possible to do a 45 minute tour of the brewery with tastings. Available to buy online are gift packs, posters, branded glassware and Ales including:

 Abbey Blonde

 Saltwick Nab 

 Jet Black 


 Whitby Whaler

  6. Radford’s Butchers Steak Pie

Famous for its Steak Pie you can not only purchase Radford’s Butchers famous pie and gravy from their shop in Sleights but also shops, pubs and eateries in the local area. An award winning butchers you will also find a wide range of meat, poultry and game, as well as a deli section, vegetables, cheeses, wines, accompaniments and more. A fantastic spot to stop and do the holiday food shop before arriving at your Baytown Holiday Cottage.

  7. Whitby Gin

A young product you may be surprised to know this is a multiple award-winning Gin. Distilled locally by a young local couple with heaps of g-inspiration and determination Whitby Gin is very much the essence of the moors and the sea that surround Whitby. As well as the traditional botanicals that are the foundation of any gin Whitby Gin is also distilled with Sugar Kelp foraged in Robin Hood’s Bay, Heather from the North York Moor’s and Honey produced by a Bee Keeper on the North York Moors.

Available in many of the local Pubs and licensed eateries you can also purchase Whitby Gin online.

8. Beacon Farm Ice Cream

Have you ever experienced ice-cream if you have never experienced the Beacon Farm Belly Buster? Eight scoops of Beacon Farm Traditional Dairy Ice-Cream, whipped cream, wafers and a choice of toppings, could you handle the Belly Buster.

All homemade on the farm with an array of ever-changing flavours Beacon Farm Ice-Cream is made with all-natural ingredients.

A family run business you will find a range of ice-creams, sundaes, sorbets as well as cooked English breakfast and more.

You will also find Beacon Farm Ice-Cream sold out and about in the North York Moors on Ice-Cream Vans and in shops and eateries. A firm favourite amongst locals and visitors.  

9. Whitby Cheese

Made here in Whitby from Jersey Cow’s Milk what started out as a hobby you won’t find run of the mill Cheddar Cheese being produced by the Whitby Cheese Company. Instead you will find the following Cheeses:




Whitby Jet

Whitby Jet with Seaweed

Yorkshire Jersey

Quite a selection of Cheeses when you think this was once just a hobby.

Available to order online, you can also purchase the delights of Whitby Cheese at Botham’s, Sandsend Stores, Cedar Barn Farm shop, Hunters of Helmsley and Castle Howards Farm Shop.

10. Trillo’s Whitby Gothic Ice-Cream

Trillo’s have made Ice-Cream in Whitby for well over a century but it was in 2018 that Trillo’s introduced the Whitby Gothic Ice-Cream in honour of Whitby Goth Weekend and it was a hit.

The unusual looking black Ice-Cream is Blackcurrant and Liquorice flavour.

Alongside the Whitby Gothic Ice-cream, you will find a whole range of flavours that you can purchase on Vans and in eateries across Whitby and the North York Moor’s.

So, why not come and stay a while and sample some of the amazing produce we have to offer here in Robin Hood’s Bay, Whitby and the North York Moors National Park. 



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