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52 Ways to Enjoy Robin Hood’s Bay: #3 See a Thousand Stars

52 Ways to Enjoy Robin Hood’s Bay: #3 See a Thousand Stars

Have you ever seen the Milky Way? Did you know that in highly populated Towns and Cities due to the amount of light pollution the chances of seeing lots of Stars is very small? Infact, you may see as little as 20 Stars. Right here in Robin Hood’s Bay on the coastal edge of the North York Moor’s National Park light pollution is very low. The light pollution is so low you could see in excess of a thousand Stars and if you are lucky the Milky Way.

Throughout the year you can study our Dark Skies for Stars, Planets, the Moon, Meteors, Shooting Stars and so much more.

When you’re used to only seeing a few stars seeing over a thousand with just the naked eye is a pretty breath-taking experience, especially if it’s your first time. The Moon can also be amazing depending on the month, time of night and time of year. When a full Moon rises and it’s low it truly is a tremendous sight to see. When the full Moon is up high the light streams across the sea lighting up the Bay and illuminating the silhouette of the cliffs and the Ravenscar headland. It’s beautiful and has been the subject of many a Robin Hood’s Bay painting and photo.

With so much beauty the Stars and the Moon just add to the magic and atmosphere of Robin Hood’s Bay with its cobbled alleyways, nooks and crannies. You can almost imagine the smugglers at work shifting their contraband under nothing but the light of the stars.

Arm yourself with just a small amount of kit and your Star gazing, Planet finding and Moon observing can be taken to a whole other level:

Binoculars – Size 10 x 50 or 7 x 50 should be fine

Red Head Light – less light pollution and it’s always good to see where you’re walking

Star or Sky Chart – you want to know what you are looking at and where to be looking

Reclining Chair - not essential but saves the neck when gazing up, and far comfier than the floor

Warm Clothes – even on a summers night it’s advisable to wrap up warm, it’s cooler than you think

Good To Know:

Late August through to early May is ideal for Dark Skies.

The new Moon period is the best time for observing dark skies.

Autumn is good for observing the Milky Way.

Spring is good for observing Planets and Galaxies.

Useful Phone Apps and Websites:

Google Sky Map – hold your phone up to the sky and App identifies the Stars you’re looking at

Meteor Shower Calendar – tells you Meteor showers that are due

Stellarium – shows the night sky realistically

Local Star Gazing Events and Clubs:

Hidden Horizons

Whitby Astronomical Society

North York Moor National Park

So, why not come and stay a while and see a thousand stars, you may just get bitten by the bug and be eager to see more.

You could even host your own Star Gazing Party right here in a Baytown Holiday Cottage.

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