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50 Shades of Bay: Part 25 Tail Wags Guaranteed at Paws of Robin Hood’s Bay

50 Shades of Bay: Part 25 Tail Wags Guaranteed at Paws of Robin Hood’s Bay

Tail Wags Guaranteed at Paws of Robin Hood’s Bay

Calling all dog lovers visiting Robin Hood's Bay. Don't miss Paws of Robin Hood’s Bay, a delightful shop dedicated solely to spoiling your furry companion on their coastal adventure.

A Treasure Trove for Tail-Wagging Fun

Located on the Bank in Robin Hood's Bay's lower village, Paws is a haven for pampering your pooch. It would be a crime to just walk by, wouldn't it? Imagine the happy greeting you'll get when your pup realises they're about to be showered with love (and maybe a new squeaky toy).

Here's why Paws is a must-visit for dogs and their owners:

Spoil Your Pup with Souvenirs: 

Let your four-legged friend join the souvenir shopping fun. Paws isn't just about practical essentials (although they have those too). They stock a wide variety of adorable toys, comfy beds, and stylish bandanas so your pup can return home with a vacation wardrobe to brag about.

Forgot Something Essential? No Worries:

Did you leave Fido's favorite squeaky toy behind? Perhaps you forgot their food bowl? No problem. Paws carries a wide variety of doggy essentials to ensure a stress-free vacation for both of you. No more frantic early morning dashes to the nearest store – Paws has you covered.

Treat Time:

Who doesn't love a delicious treat on holiday? Paws has a selection of delectable goodies that will have your furry friend's tail wagging. Indulge them with a gourmet biscuit, a chewy jerky treat, or a long-lasting chew toy that will keep them entertained for hours.

Fashion Forward Fido:

Upgrade your pup's vacation wardrobe with a stylish new coat or bed. They'll be the envy of all the other dogs strutting their stuff on the beach. Whether you prefer a practical rain jacket for those unpredictable coastal showers or a luxurious fleece number for cosy evenings by the fireplace, Paws has something to suit every canine fashionista.

Beach Bum Essentials:

Did your dog rediscover his inner mermaid and roll a little too enthusiastically in the seaweed? Paws has dog shampoo and towels to get your sandy pup squeaky clean. No need to worry about bringing sand back to your cottage – Paws has everything you need for a post-beach cleanup.

From Luxury to Basics:

Whether you're looking for a luxurious dog bed or just the essentials, Paws caters to all budgets and needs. They stock a fantastic range of practical items like leads, harnesses, and collars, alongside comfier options like plush throws.

Everything Your Pup Needs:

Beyond the basic supplies, Paws has a fantastic range of products to keep your dog happy and comfortable. From durable chew toys for those with insatiable appetites, to doggy fashion Paws has everything you need to make your pup's Robin Hood's Bay adventure truly unforgettable.

More Than Just a Shop:

A Visit to Paws is about so much more than just shopping. It's a chance to connect with other dog lovers and get recommendations for exploring Robin Hood's Bay, arguably the most dog-friendly coastal village in Yorkshire. Friendly staff can share their knowledge of dog-friendly cafes, pubs with outdoor seating areas where your pup can join you for a meal or drink, and the best walking routes with stunning coastal views that your dog will love to sniff out.

So pop along to Paws, say hello, and treat your furry best friend to the ultimate Robin Hood's Bay experience.