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Fifty Shades of Bay: Part 14 Fossil Hunting Jurassic Jewels

Fifty Shades of Bay: Part 14 Fossil Hunting Jurassic Jewels

Fossil Hunting Jurassic Jewels

Calling all treasure hunters and budding paleontologists. Does the thought of unearthing a prehistoric gem set your pulse racing? Perhaps you're a seasoned fossil fanatic, ever on the prowl for hidden wonders beneath your feet? Robin Hood's Bay beckons with a beach brimming with potential discoveries. From glistening rock pools teeming with life to towering, dramatic scaurs and whispered tales of the ancient past, there's adventure in every nook and cranny.

A Paradise for Rockpool Prospectors

Boggle Hole stands as a haven for rockpool enthusiasts. Here, vibrant seaweed sways in the gentle current, creating a kaleidoscope of color. It's also a prime location for aspiring fossil hunters to test their skills. Keep your eyes peeled for those hidden treasures amongst the vibrant landscape and ever changing beach..

A Realm of Rugged Beauty

Venture below the imposing Ravenscar Headland and discover a treasure trove of fossils scattered amidst the rugged terrain. Remember, sturdy footwear is essential for navigating the sometimes slippery and uneven path. The reward for your surefootedness? The chance to unearth a piece of history preserved for millions of years.

Safety First

Robin Hood's Bay's beauty comes with the responsibility of respecting its powerful tides. Always prioritise safety. Check tide times meticulously, as the sheer cliffs offer no escape route if caught off guard by the rising water. Remember, the thrill of the hunt shouldn't come at the expense of caution.

Following the Footsteps of Dinosaurs

Robin Hood's Bay proudly joins the ranks of Yorkshire's famed "Dinosaur Coast." Here, hidden prehistoric treasures await those with a keen eye and a thirst for discovery.

Fossil Focus

While ammonites are the most common find on Robin Hood's Bay's beach, keep your eyes peeled. You might stumble upon other fascinating remnants of the past, like belemnites, devil's toenails (gryphaea), or even star-shaped crinoids. Imagine the stories these fossils could tell if they could only speak.

Unearthing Winter's Bounty

Winter's wrath, while sometimes harsh, unveils the best fossil hunting opportunities. After a storm has sculpted the coastline anew, scour the beach – amongst the displaced rocks, pebbles, and seaweed – and your keen eye will soon start identifying these fascinating remnants of the past.

Essential Tips for Treasure Hunters

  • Sturdy, waterproof footwear with good grips: Solid footing is essential for navigating the sometimes-treacherous terrain, especially when venturing near the water's edge.
  • Layered clothing (especially in winter): The Yorkshire coast can be unpredictable, so prepare for changing weather conditions.
  • Fully charged mobile phone: Stay connected in case of emergencies.
  • Camera: Capture your fossil finds and beachcombing adventures to create lasting memories.
  • Safety board awareness: Read the safety boards located at the top of the Robin Hood's Bay Slipway before setting off. These boards offer crucial information to ensure a safe and enjoyable exploration.
  • Tide tables: Always check tide times. If unsure, consult a local for guidance. Don't let the tide catch you by surprise.
  • Cliff safety: Maintain a safe distance from cliffs, as they are prone to unpredictable rockfalls.
  • Watch your step: Rocks and seaweed can be slippery, so be cautious as you explore.

Uncover Robin Hood's Bay's hidden history on your fossil-hunting expedition. Embrace the thrill of the hunt, but remember, safety is paramount. Now, go forth and explore. With a little preparation and a lot of curiosity, you might just unearth a remarkable piece of the past.



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