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Fifty Shades of Bay: Part 8 A Sweet Journey of Temptation at Dollies in Robin Hood's Bay

Fifty Shades of Bay: Part 8 A Sweet Journey of Temptation at Dollies in Robin Hood's Bay

A Sweet Journey of Temptation at Dollies in Robin Hood's Bay

Calling all sugar fiends and history buffs. This week's "Fifty Shades of Bay" takes you on a delightful journey through Dollies Sweet Shop and Ice Cream Van, a family-run institution nestled in the Dock, the heart of Robin Hood's Bay lower village.

Established in 1928, Dollies has been a village cornerstone for nearly a century. Step inside the shop's welcoming embrace and prepare to be transported back to a sweeter simpler time. The shelves are vibrant with shelf upon shelf of sweets, showcasing a dazzling array of classic favorites and modern delights.

Unleash a wave of nostalgia as you rediscover the timeless joy of fizzy Flying Saucers and bubbling Sherbet Fountains. Explore the modern delights and tempting gift selections that line the shelves. Reminisce about childhood treats like Black Jack's, Fruit Salads, and Drumstick Lollies. Relive the sweet memories of Parma Violets and Hubba Bubba, or challenge yourself with a jaw-breaking Jaw Breaker. With an endless variety of options catering to every sweet tooth, Dollies is a sugar paradise.

But, the sugary journey doesn't stop there. Don't forget to quench your thirst with a selection of refreshing drinks that perfectly complement your sweet selections. And cool down with the local Beacon Farm ice-cream.

Keep your eyes peeled for Dollies Ice Cream Van, usually stationed on the beach or by the slipway. This mobile haven is ready to serve up a scoop (or two) of happiness. Indulge in delicious ice creams, hot and cold beverages, snacks, and sweet treats, all while soaking in the picturesque coastal scenery.

So, next time you find yourself in Robin Hood's Bay, be sure to embark on a sweet adventure at Dollies. Whether you're a seasoned candy connoisseur or simply seeking a taste of sweet nostalgia, their warm hospitality and endless variety of sugary delights are guaranteed to leave you with a smile as sweet as their treats.

Ready to embark on your own sugary adventure?

  • Visit Dollies Sweet Shop: Located in the heart of Robin Hood's Bay Dock.
  • Follow them on social media: Stay updated on their latest offerings by following them on Facebook & Instagram.
  • Contact them: Have any questions? Reach out to Dollies at 07891 094292 or

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