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50 Shades of Bay: Part 2 Cosy Corners and Quiz Nights at The Laurel Inn

50 Shades of Bay: Part 2 Cosy Corners and Quiz Nights at The Laurel Inn

Cosy Corners and Quiz Nights at The Laurel Inn

Unwinding at The Laurel Inn

The Laurel Inn – a pint-sized pub with a giant heart, tucked away like a secret nook in the charming village of Robin Hood's Bay. This isn't your flashy, modern bar scene, this is a haven for real ale lovers, fireside snuggles, and soaking up the salty charm of the North Yorkshire coast.

Cosy Corners

Step inside and be greeted by a crackling fire, its warm glow banishing any chills brought in by the sea air. Choose your adventure: settle into a comfy pew in the main bar, dive into the cosy snug for a more intimate chat, or grab a spot on the little bench outside and watch the Bay come alive with bustling locals and laughing families.

A Champion Brew

Raise a glass of real ale, expertly poured by the friendly bar staff. The Laurel Inn is a proud champion of local brews, so expect a rotating selection of Yorkshire's finest brews. And while they don't whip up meals themselves, you’re welcome you to bring in a tasty sandwich from the legendary Bay Fisheries next door – talk about the perfect pub pairing.

Test the Grey Matter

Feeling competitive? Every Wednesday night, the Laurel Inn hosts a lively quiz that has locals and visitors alike scratching their heads and sharing laughter. It's a great way to meet fellow adventurers and test your trivia prowess after a day exploring the hidden corners and dramatic cliffs of Robin Hood's Bay. Be sure to arrive early to grab a seat before the 9pm start.

Warm Refuge

So, whether you're a solo explorer seeking a warm refuge, a couple longing for a cosy nook, or a group ready for a lively quiz night, The Laurel Inn is your Robin Hood's Bay haven. Remember, though, their hours might vary with the tides (and pub life), so give them a ring on 01947 88040 to catch their latest waves of cheer.

Ready to raise a toast to good company, real ale, and the magic of Robin Hood's Bay? The Laurel Inn awaits.



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