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52 Ways To Enjoy Robin Hood’s Bay: #23 The Arts

52 Ways To Enjoy Robin Hood’s Bay: #23 The Arts

The Arts

Do you love The Arts?

Do you love The Arts inspired by their surroundings?

Do you love Robin Hood’s Bay and the Yorkshire Coast?

Read on to find out more. 

Robin Hood’s Bay

Perched on the coast between the surrounding cliffs of Scarborough and Whitby sits a Bay. The backdrop of the Bay is an old Yorkshire fishing village. This is Robin Hood’s Bay, the gem on the picturesque coastal edge of the North York Moors National.

Built on a steep hill the old 17th Century village heads down to the Bay. Winding streets, steep steps and cobbled alleyways make up what was once called Baytown. A maze of a village it’s easy to get lost here in Robin Hood’s Bay. Just all part of the magic of what makes it so special.

Robin Hood’s Bay harbours a deep rooted history of smuggling. The Kings Beck, cottage cellars, secret passages and snickets all helped with the illicit activities. Smuggling of Rum, Tea, Silk and Tobacco. There wasn't a person in the village that didn't participate in the illegal activities. Be it the smuggling, hiding, transporting or protecting of the secret goings on.

Legend has it that contraband could leave the Bay and reach the top of the village without ever seeing daylight. You can still see evidence of Robin Hood’s Bay’s smuggling past to this day and you can learn more at the local museum.

Robin Hood’s Bay, also known as Baytown, was once a popular and important Fishing Village. So important that Robin Hood’s Bay was a greater Fishing location than Whitby and Scarborough.

Prior to its History of Smuggling Robin Hood’s Bays Heritage was very much built on an Industry of Fishing. The Higgledy Piggledy Houses home to Fishing Families.

Look out for the Hidden Whale Bones amongst the cobbled streets of Robin Hood’s Bay. A hint at Baytown’s Whaling past.

Deep rooted in a heritage of fishing and smuggling it is only natural Robin Hood’s Bay has deep Folk Music heritage. This heritage is continued on today, songs being passed through generations.

Robin Hood’s Bay has been home to some of the finest and most talented of Folk Musicians and Singers in the world. 

The Arts


1. The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

2. The various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance.

3. Subjects of study primarily concerned with human creativity and social life, such as languages, literature, and history (as contrasted with scientific or technical subjects):

4. A skill at doing a specified thing, typically one acquired through practice:


Robin Hood’s Bay has for years been inspiring The Arts and been featured in:






TV Programmes

Songs & Poems

With its deep rooted heritage, dramatic coastal location and being situated in the North York Moors National Park it's no wonder.

Many Authors, Artists, Musicians and more have been inspired by Robin Hood’s Bay and it’s heritage.

There have been many talented artists of many forms born or have grown up in Robin Hood’s Bay. Many others who have come to reside here. You will always find Robin Hood’s Bay at their very heart and the strongest inspiration for their work.

Art & Photography

Images of Robin Hood’s Bay can be found in so many forms:






Jigsaw Puzzles


And many more

Images of the Bay, the dramatic skyline, ships, fishermen and their boats, old fisherman's cottages, Bay Bank, characters from Robin Hood’s Bay past and present.

A few Artists who have lived in or worked or been inspired by Robin Hood’s Bay:

Bill Wedgewood

John Henny

Jess Hogarth

Tony Clegg

You can buy Jess’s Prints, Cards and other gifts in the Jessica Hogarth Shop on Bay Bank.

Tony Clegg regularly hosts a pop up Gallery in Robin Hood’s Bay.

John Henny can regularly be seen painting in the window of his Robin Hood’s Bay cottage.


Robin Hood’s Bay regularly hosts live music sessions in the Pubs, Restaurants and Eateries of Robin Hood’s Bay. Robin Hood’s Bay also hosts the Robin Hood’s Bay Folk Weekend each June.

Steve Phillips and The Rough Diamonds regularly play the Grosvenor Hotel on Tuesday Nights.

Tea, Toast & Post regularly hosts Acts from the world over.

Higgledy Pig and The Old School Host events including live music.

Other venues around Robin Hood’s Bay host events throughout the year.

Every year in June Robin Hood's Bay comes alive with medleys of folk songs. Music fills the streets, the pubs, cafes and tearooms alike.

You'll find the modern take on folk music along with the more traditional sea shanty music and everything in-between.

The majority of Folk Weekend is free and it is jam-packed full of events including:


Acoustic Cafe Dash

Dance Displays

Drumming Displays

Live Acts

The Robin Hood’s Bay Folk Club

To name just a few. Robin Hood’s Bay Folk Weekend will have you dancing, singing and jigging from Friday through the weekend.

Let your curiosity take you on a musical adventure in this mystical old fishing village. Lose yourself in the heritage of Robin Hood's Bay and Folk Music. 


Many books have been written about Robin Hood’s Bay or have been inspired by Robin Hood’s Bay. Books that delve into the heritage and the history of Bay. Fictional books set in Robin Hood’s Bay or their tales inspired by the smuggling heritage. There are also children's books set in Robin Hood’s Bay too.

Robin Hood’s Bay is home to the local publication Bayfair. Bayfair is a great way to keep up with what’s going on in Robin Hood’s Bay. You will find lots of the go to information you will need for your stay and future stays in Robin Hood’s Bay. You’ll regularly find inside:

  • Tide Times
  • Emergency Contact & Important Telephone Numbers
  • Local Shops Listings & Opening Times
  • Local Produce
  • Local Events
  • Eating & Drinking Information
  • Holiday Accommodation Listings - Including Your Favourite Baytown Holiday Cottages
  • Local Services & lot’s, lot’s more

Books or Authors to look out for include:

Jiddy Vardy by Ruth Estevez

Leo Walmsley Books

A Rum Do!: Smuggling in and Around 18th Century Robin Hood's Bay by Pat Labistour

Free Trading In Robin Hood’s Bay 1600-1840's by Dennis Crosby

Sebastian Seagull Books by Maralyn Caladine

Robin Hoods Bay and Fylingthorpe Through Time: Through Time by Robin Lidster

Drama, Film & Theatre

Robin Hood’s Bay has been the setting or has featured in films over the years. The most famous being Daniel Day-Lewis’s last film The Phantom Thread. You can also spot Robin Hood’s Bay in the film Downhill. A comedy based on the Coast to Coast walk which finishes in Robin Hood’s Bay.

The Bay has also featured heavily in recent years on programmes showcasing the natural beauty of the area, local walks and businesses.

The local Baytown Players regularly show performances in the local village hall. Look out for performances, dates and ticket sales information in Bayfair. 

Events & Clubs

You will also find lots of events centered around or including the arts happening throughout the year in Robin Hood’s Bay including:

Live Music & Festivals

Robin Hood’s Bay Folk Club

Robin Hood’s Bay Folk Weekend

Robin Hood’s Bay Victorian Weekend

Baytown Players Productions

Art Exhibitions

Art Groups & Classes

And many, many more.


Relaxing Coastal Escapes in Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire.

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