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52 Ways To Enjoy Robin Hood’s Bay: #19 Robin Hood's Bay Folk Weekend

52 Ways To Enjoy Robin Hood’s Bay: #19 Robin Hood's Bay Folk Weekend

Robin Hood’s Bay Folk Weekend

Do you love music?

Do you love music of all varieties?

Do you love music events with a difference?

Do you love Robin Hood’s Bay  and the Yorkshire Coast?

Then we have the Music Event for you, read on to find out more.

Robin Hood’s Bay

Perched on the coast between the surrounding cliffs of Scarborough and Whitby sits a Bay. The backdrop of the Bay is an old Yorkshire fishing village. This is Robin Hood’s Bay, the gem on the picturesque coastal edge of the North York Moors National.

Built on a steep hill the old 17th Century village heads down to the Bay. Winding streets, steep steps and cobbled alleyways make up what was once called Baytown. A maze of a village it’s easy to get lost here in Robin Hood’s Bay. Just all part of the magic of what makes it so special.

Robin Hood’s Bay harbours a deep rooted history of smuggling. The Kings Beck, cottage cellars, secret passages and snickets all helped with the illicit activities. Smuggling of Rum, Tea, Silk and Tobacco. There wasn't a person in the village that didn't participate in the illegal activities. Be it the smuggling, hiding, transporting or protecting of the secret goings on.

Legend has it that contraband could leave the Bay and reach the top of the village without ever seeing daylight.You can still see evidence of Robin Hood’s Bay’s smuggling past to this day and you can learn more at the local museum.

Folk Music

Traditionally Folk Music was often passed on from one generation to the next. The music passed on from one to another more often learnt through ear. Tunes or songs can vary in style throughout regions. The Folk Music genre is wide and varied.

Thought to be centuries old, Folk Music had a contemporary revival throughout the 60’s. One of the best known artists being Bob Dylan.

Sea Shanties are a form of Folk Music. Usually sung on ships by fishermen, whalers and merchant sailors during repetitive tasks aboard the ships.

Robin Hood’s Bay & Folk Music

Deep rooted in a heritage of fishing and smuggling it is only natural Robin Hood’s Bay has deep Folk Music heritage. This heritage is continued on today, songs being passed through generations. 

Robin Hood’s Bay has been home to some of the finest and most talented of Folk Musicians and Singers in the world. 

Robin Hood’s Bay Folk Weekend

Each Year Robin Hood's Bay host’s its very own annual Folk Weekend. Every year in June Robin Hood's Bay comes alive with medleys of folk songs. Music fills the streets, the pubs, cafes and tearooms alike. 

You'll find the modern take on folk music along with the more traditional sea shanty music and everything in-between. 

The majority of Folk Weekend is free and it is jam-packed full of events including:


Acoustic Cafe Dash

Dance Displays

Drumming Displays

Live Acts

The Robin Hood’s Bay Folk Club

To name just a few. Robin Hood’s Bay Folk Weekend will have you dancing, singing and jigging from Friday through to Sunday evening.

Let your curiosity take you on a musical adventure in this mystical old fishing village. Lose yourself in the heritage of Robin Hood's Bay and Folk Music. 

You can find out more and view the full programme when it is published Here

Robin Hood’s Bay Folk Club

Once the resident Folk Club in the famous Ye Dolphin Pub of Robin Hood’s Bay. The Robin Hood’s Bay Folk Club has now taken up residence in the The Bay Hotel. 

The Bay Hotel - Bottom Bar

Time: Approximately 8pm

Date: First & Third Friday of Every Month (Except for Bank Holidays)

Singers, musicians and friends welcome old and new. You can find out more Here.

Explore Robin Hood’s Bay

Robin Hood’s Bay’s old lower village is made up of cobbled streets, alleyways and snickets. There are many twists and turns. Stone and cobbled steps work their way up the village. It's easy to imagine life here as it was 300 years or so ago.

You never know where one turn may take you or what awaits you. Which direction will you take? It’s all part of the fun in getting to know Robin Hood’s Bay.

You will find a selection of cute independent shops here in Robin Hood’s Bay stocking a range of:



Clothing & Fashion

A Dog Shop





Upcycled Wares & Home Accessories


To name just a few, all waiting with a friendly Robin Hood’s Bay welcome.


Relaxing Coastal Escapes in Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire

Sam and Sian have been helping you make memories and relax on the coast since April 2017.

Baytown Holiday Cottages is a small North Yorkshire Booking Agency specialising in the Robin Hood’s Bay area of the North York Moors National Park.

Two locals who know the area and the cottages inside Out. Their home, their workplace and their playground. Helping you find your escape by the sea.

So, why not stay for a while in one of the Best Robin Hood’s Bay Holiday Cottages.

Smaller properties are available from 2 nights and the larger properties from 3 nights. All dependent on the time of year. All of our cottages are priced accordingly throughout the year. All of our properties feature in size order. Largest to smallest as you scroll down the Accommodation Page.

For a quick look at our availability at any given time you can use our All Availability feature. Just click the green and yellow Check Availability button on the Home page of our website.

Make your Folk Weekend extra special with a stay in the very cottages the old fishing folk lived in. Where folk songs were written and sung in days gone by. 

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