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10 Free Things To Do In Whitby

10 Free Things To Do In Whitby

Days out can become really expensive especially if you are a family. It can be really hard to find fun free things to do especially if you’ve never been before. It can also be hard to find activities that are dog friendly or will please everyone.

Here are our recommended 10 Free Things To Do In Whitby here on the North Yorkshire Coast. All of them are Dog Friendly with the exception of Pannett Park as Dogs sadly are not allowed in here. But 9 out of 10 isn’t bad.

199 Steps Whitby  Baytown Holiday Cottages Robin Hood’s Bay

199 Steps

No visit to Whitby would be complete without a climb to the top of the 199 Steps. Not for the faint hearted but definitely worth the effort. Why? For some of the best views in Whitby.

Did we tell you, you have to count every step on the way up. If you lose count you have to start again, that's the rules. Only kidding. Very thoughtfully you will find the occasional bench on the way up so you can catch your breath.

At the top you will find St Mary’s Church and the spectacularly gothic Whitby Abbey. A must climb for any Dracula fan.

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St Mary’s Church

At the top of the 199 Steps on Whitby’s East Cliff you will find the stunning St Mary’s Church. Standing the test of time and the sea winds since the 12th century.

Stroll around the graveyard for more spectacular views of Whitby and take in the Church in all its beauty. Take a pew on one of the many benches and sit for a while. Marvel at the beauty of the River Esk, the Esk Valley the Moors and the red pantile rooftops of Whitby.

Head inside to appreciate this unique little church and it’s box pews.

Another must visit for the Dracula fan.

Well behaved dogs are welcome inside St Mary’s Church.

Opening times may vary.

Old Whitby Yards  Baytown Holiday Cottages Robin Hood’s Bay

Explore The Old Whitby Yards

In Whitby’s Old Town you will find many hidden Yards tucked away off Church Street. Escape the hustle and bustle for a look at some of Whitby’s hidden past. Once full of houses, home to fishing families and the Whaling industry of years gone by. The Yards would once have been filled full of Whitby Folk. Now well kept by the residents that live here.

You will find names like Arguments Yard and Loggerheads Yard. You will also find Sanders Yard a lovely spot for lunch or coffee and homemade cake.

Whitby Shipwreck  Baytown Holiday Cottages Robin Hood’s Bay

Discover The Whitby Shipwreck & Saltwick Bay

Head along The Cleveland Way (the coast path) from the top of the 199 Steps. As you approach the caravan park you will find a set of steps down to Saltwick Bay. Here you will find a sandy stretch of beach.

Head left along the rocky part of the beach, keeping your eyes peeled for fossils. Keep going past Saltwick Nab (the broken piece of headland that juts out). Here you will find the Whitby Shipwreck, The Admiral Von Tramp. Marvel at its Barnacle encrusted glory. Another great photo opportunity

Always check the tide times

Wear sturdy footwear

Keep your distance from cliffs as they are prone to landslides and rock falls

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Whitby Beach

Sand upon sand walk along the beach as far as you can see to Sadsends. Grab a cuppa, Pizza, Fish ‘n’ Chips or a pub lunch before heading back.

Not one for walking? Roll out a blanket, sit back and relax and just enjoy the sounds of the sea and sand between your toes.

There is a dog ban on some sections of Whitby beach from the beginning of May to the end of September.

Tate Hill Sands can be accessed from Church Street on the Eastside of Whitby and is Dog Friendly all year round.

Pannet Park Whitby Baytown Holiday Cottages Robin Hood’s Bay

Pannett Park

A short distance from the town centre is Pannett Park. A quiet tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of town. Sit by the Lily pond or wander the paths of the park.

Pannett Park has a number of fun Trails to follow which can all be downloaded here. Walk the Pannett Park Mile, follow the Jurassic Garden Trail or the Pannett Park Tree Trail to name a few.

Have kids? Pannett Park has a great playpark complete with Pirate Ship, swings, slides and more.

Dogs are not allowed in Pannett Park.

 Whitby Whale Bones Baytown Holiday Cottages Robin Hood’s Bay

The Whitby Whale Bones

Once a Whaling Town the Whitby Whale Bones are a reminder of the Towns Heritage.

The Whale Bones at the right angle form a perfect archway on West Cliff over St.Mary's Church and Whitby abbey on the opposing East Cliff on the opposite side of town. A great photo opportunity and not one to be missed. It’s not often you come across the bones of a Whale.

The Cinder Track Baytown Holiday Cottages Robin Hood’s Bay

The Cinder Track

This is the old Whitby to Scarborough railway line and spans 21.5 miles in total. Walking from Whitby take in the spectacular views over the River Esk towards Whitby Abbey from the Viaduct. You will also get views out over the picturesque Esk Valley.

You may be lucky enough to encounter some of the local wildlife on your walk. Look out for slow worms, deer, an array of birds, butterflies and wildflowers.

Watch out for horses and cyclists. Put dogs on leads temporarily until it is safe to let them free again.

Useful Links:

The Cinder Track Leaflet

Explore The Cinder Track

Whitby Piers Baytown Holiday Cottages Robin Hood’s Bay

Whitby Piers

At the sea entrance to Whitby Harbour you will find two spectacular Piers. Each with its own Lighthouse. Both give a new viewing point of Whitby so don’t forget the camera.

West Pier can be accessed from Pier Road and East Pier from Henrietta St in Whitby’s Old Town on the East side.

Grabbing your Fish ‘n’ Chips to go? West Pier is lined with benches and a lovely relaxing spot to sit and take in the views while you eat. Watch the boats coming in.

Whitby Walking with Heritage Trail Baytown Holiday Cottages Robin Hood’s Bay

Walking With Heritage Trail

Around Whitby life sized sculptures have been popping up here and there. The new Heritage Sculpture Trail is a mix of sculptures created by Emma Stothard. You may be familiar with Emma from her sculptures created for the Staithes Art and Heritage Festival.

A mix of known characters from Whitby’s Past and representation of the many lives lived here in Whitby. Spot the old Fish Wife of Whitby, the Net Mender, Frank Meadow Sutcliff, The Herring Girls or the Gansey Knitter to name a few.

The trail will be accompanied by an app where you can learn all about the characters along the trail.

The Trail is aimed to take you off the beaten track slightly. Here you may see parts of town you may not have explored so much before.

For more information on the Trail and Emma Stothard visit the NYMNPA website.


Eating on the go it has to be the very thing Whitby is famous for. Fish and Chips. You won’t go hungry and you will find them dotted all about the town.

Whilst at the seaside why not indulge in an Ice cream. Whitby has two local producers of Ice cream and you can’t go wrong with either just look for Trillos or Beacon Farm Ice Cream.

You will also find a huge selection of Cafes and Tearooms as well as Pubs catering to all tastes and requirements.

Heading In To Whitby For The Day From Robin Hood’s Bay

Parking in the centre of Whitby is limited. On the outskirts of Whitby there is the Park & Ride and buses run from here into town and back regularly. This service operates usually from the beginning of April through to the end of October. For up to date information on this service head here.

In the winter months parking in the Council Car Parks and Parking Bays is usually Free.

Walking to Whitby you can head either along the Cleveland Way (the coastal path) or the Cinder Track. Neither are short walks, the Cinder Track being the shorter route and most forgiving and will take about 2 hours.

Using the Bus you will need to catch the X93 service to or from Whitby. For up to date information head here.


Just 7 miles from Whitby you will find Robin Hood’s Bay. A picturesque village full of coastal charm. Stacked up houses, red pantile rooftops, a stunning bay filled full of rockpools and fossils. Cobbled Alleyways, little tearooms, small independent shops, traditional pubs and local seafood. Very dog friendly you could Robin Hood’s Bay is the perfect stay. Great to explore and a wonderful place to start making holiday memories.

Here at Baytown Holiday Cottages Sam and Sian offer a collection of self catering holiday homes. Our collection can accommodate parties from 2 up to 10 including the dog(s). Discover your perfect coastal holiday home here.

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