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The Baytown Holiday Cottages Guide To Creating A Balanced Life On Holiday

The Baytown Holiday Cottages Guide To Creating A Balanced Life On Holiday

Maybe you’ve been finding it challenging to completely switch off from work and daily life when you are on holiday or vacation?

Do you need a helping hand in your quest for a balanced lifestyle on holiday? You will love this handy guide which can help you a lot in just 10 easy steps.

Here are your 10 hacks to help you escape the rat race and truly enjoy your holiday. Letting all daily home and work life factors just wash away with the tide. 

Laundry %7C Baytown Holiday Cottages %7C Robin Hood%E2%80%99s Bay

1. Prepare

    You’re used to coming home to having to sort the kids uniforms out? Or maybe sorting the work to do list out and preparing for the dreaded first day back? The stress just builds up towards the end of your holiday. Preventing you and everyone with you from really enjoying your last few days or hours.

    Preparation is key. Get the school and or work uniforms cleaned, ironed and ready to go before you go. Write the first day back to do list. Don’t make any appointments for your first day back. Keep this day clear for reading and responding to emails and generally catching up.

    Holiday Planning %7C Baytown Holiday Cottages %7C Robin Hood%E2%80%99s Bay

    2. Plan & Include Everyone's Needs

      You wake up with no clue what to do. You try to discuss it, this then turns into an argument. No one makes a decision out of politeness and trying to save more arguments. Before you know it half the day has gone and you haven’t even left the building. Sound familiar?

      Plan before you go. Do your research. Get everyone to suggest 3 things they would really love to do. Put them all together and build a plan round this remembering to include rest time. You could also do this for eating out. This way everyone’s holiday interests are met and no one misses out.

      Out Of Office Notice %7C Baytown Holiday Cottages %7C Robin Hood%E2%80%99s Bay

      3. Switch Off From Work Life or School Life

        Do you find yourself bombarded with work emails or calls whilst on holiday? Maybe the kids have homework to be submitted when they return? Does this leave you feeling frustrated, agitated and unable to switch off from it all completely?

        School solution. Prioritise. If the homework can wait until the days after your return let it wait. Ideally get it out the way before you go or during the journey. Then forget about it.

        Work Solution. Communicate and plan ahead. Let people know you will be going on holiday or vacation. Set your out of office automated email response and answerphone message clearly stating when you will be away till. Receiving a call anyway? Let it go to the answerphone.

        If there is no way around completely escaping work set yourself a window to do this each day. A small time slot that won’t affect holiday plans and stick to it.

        Holiday Lie In %7C Baytown Holiday Cottage %7C Robin Hood%E2%80%99s Bay

        4. Rest

          On holiday it is so tempting to go crazy cramming in as much as possible to your day. You just want to get as much out of it as possible.

          Rest is so important. You want to avoid holiday burnout. You also don’t want to be left feeling like you need a holiday after your holiday.

          Plan in a few lie ins, restful evenings or a half day of rest. Especially if you have planned some adventurous days out.

          Do Things You Love %7C Baytown Holiday Cottages %7C Robin Hood%E2%80%99s Bay

          5. Do Something You Love

            Let yourself enjoy something you love. Something that you just never get time to do at home in everyday life. You might love to read, paint, craft, build models, knit or crochet, take photos, a cooking class or wild swimming.

            Whatever it is that you really love but rarely have time for allow yourself this.

            Time Together %7C Baytown Holiday Cottages %7C Robin Hood%E2%80%99s Bay

            6. Make Time For Eachother

              Whether you are a couple, a family or a group of friends it is so important to connect. Make time for eachother simply by eating a meal that you have cooked together. Sit and play board games together. Take a walk together, turn off your phones and really enjoy eachothers company. Have conversations with each other.

              Remember to smile at, laugh with, listen to and hug each other.

              Me Time %7C Baytown Holiday Cottages %7C Robin Hood%E2%80%99s Bay

              7. Make Time For You

                This can be anything, anything that is for just you. A walk alone amongst nature. Time spent looking at the stars. A run. A long soak in the bath. Meditating. There’s no right or wrong answer. This is yours and yours only.

                If you have kids that are reliant on you, or pets maybe, be kind. Help one another, offer to take the kids or walk the dog while the other has their me time.

                If you’re a single parent wait till the children are sound asleep or while they are preoccupied in an activity. Then enjoy your you time.

                The Cleveland Way %7C Baytown Holiday Cottages %7C Robin Hood%27s Bay

                8. Explore & Be Adventurous

                  Exploring your holiday destination is certainly part of the fun and a great way to exercise.

                  Holiday there regularly? Make it your mission to discover and explore at least one new thing about your vacation destination.

                  Book activities or experiences together, hike, learn a new skill, go on a tour. Why not try your hand at something you had never thought of doing before. You might just find you love it.

                  You could all pick one activity each and vote for the one that you all want to do most. Feeling really adventurous? Try them all.


                  9. Nourish Yourself

                    There's no better way to nourish yourself on holiday than to eat the local food. Why? Because it’s journey is small. It won’t have travelled far meaning it will be fresher and retain more flavour and nutrients.

                    Eat the local seafood and it will taste different to what you get in the supermarket. It will taste of the sea just like it is supposed to. Try the local Ale or Gin and it will taste of your very surroundings. You will quite literally satisfy every one of your senses with every bite or drop.

                    Meeting New People %7C Baytown Holiday Cottages %7C Robin Hood%E2%80%99s Bay

                    10. Meet New People

                      Do you remember when you were young on holiday with your parents? You would make a friend or two, have adventures together and build stories to tell. If you’re a parent just like your own children will.

                      Reignite that feeling of nostalgia and befriend other holiday makers. Someone in the pub, your holiday next door neighbour, the person standing next to you. Even just a simple hello. You might just get a top tip or recommendation or find out something you never knew about your holiday destination.

                      Meeting new people can ignite new friendships. Ones that can last a lifetime.

                      Need some inspiration on where to escape the rat race too? Baytown Holiday Cottages range in size sleeping one to ten. Cosy, relaxing and surrounded by nature you won’t find it difficult to create a balanced life here.

                      Robin Hood’s Bay offers calming beach walks, delicious local food and drink, an abundance of wildlife and countryside and a slower pace of living.

                      Situated in the North York Moors National Park adventure awaits you from the thrilling to the breathtaking. Start planning your escape here.

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