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52 Ways to Enjoy Robin Hood’s Bay: #45 Bird Watch

52 Ways to Enjoy Robin Hood’s Bay: #45 Bird Watch

Bird watching might not sound like the coolest way to enjoy Robin Hood’s Bay but, it’s so much more than just well looking at birds. You’re surrounded by nature watching the wildlife in its very own habitat.

Choose to bird watch on the beach and you are surrounded by so much. Dramatic cliffs. Moorland. An expanse of rugged Jurassic beach, this is the Dinosaur Coast after all. The tumbling old 17th century village with its beautiful architecture and red pantile rooftops. The great, powerful North Sea. You are quite literally immersed in nature.

So, what types of bird are you likely to see?

If you are lucky you may get to spot the Heron that visits regularly. You will find him hanging around on the scaurs in amongst all the rockpools. With his long legs and crane neck he’s quite easy to spot.

You’ll find Oyster Catchers a plenty along the beach. They can be identified by their black upper feathers and white underbelly. They also have a long reddish orange beak, not to dissimilar to the red rooftops of Robin Hoods Bay.

Cormorants can be spotted bobbing on the waves or sitting on rocks along the beach. They are black in colour with a long neck and a golden coloured beak. You will see them diving into up from the water or casually hanging around wings outstretched.

You’ll see various types of Gulls. Large and small varieties.

Around the village you will spot Wagtails, Goldfinch and lot’s more Gulls. As Spring comes the Gulls will take full residence of the rooftops as they prepare for their young. The way Robin Hood’s Bay is built it’s quite often possible to look out over rooftops. Here you will see lots of nests and it can be really fun to watch as the eggs become chicks. The chicks grow, eventually moving around the rooftops as they increase in size and confidence. Till eventually they fly the nest.

So, you see it’s not so boring Bird watching after all. Especially when you are surrounded by the magical Robin Hood’s Bay.



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