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Do You Like Cornwall? Then You'll Love Robin Hood's Bay & Whitby

Do You Like Cornwall? Then You'll Love Robin Hood's Bay & Whitby

There will always be a deep-rooted love for Cornwall in our household. Ever since my first memorable visit at the age of 11. I say memorable because I did indeed live here for a short while as a baby way back when. Christened in the idyllic little Chapel of the lovely you could say nearly secret village of Crackington Haven. So, it will always have a special place in my heart.

What will never have a special place in my heart is the very, very, very long drive to reach this area of natural beauty.

From home here in Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay a 7-hour long drive and some 400 miles.

Newcastle |Approximately 7-hour drive | Approximately 450 miles

Middlesbrough |Approximately 6 to 7-hour drive | Approximately 400 miles

York |Approximately 6-hour drive | Approximately 350 miles

Leeds |Approximately 5.5-hour drive | Approximately 350 miles

The very last thing you want to do after your short break, weeklong or 2 weeklong holidays is drive this far. Especially faced with the dreaded holiday blues.

Now you may wonder the significance of the photo. Every time I walk down this lane from Newholme near Whitby I always get this feeling of being in Cornwall. That view, the steep lane, the sea air, the fields it just takes me back to staycations in Cornwall.

Is it just that lane that has the true essence of Cornwall? Absolutely not. Afterall what are the very things that Cornwall is famous for?

Pirates and Smuggling

Quaint coastal fishing villages

Cornish Pasties

Cream Teas

Fresh Seafood

Seaside Towns

Area of Natural Beauty

Tin Mining


Doc Martin

Clotted Cream

Surfing spots

Rick Stein

King Arthur

Now The North York Moor’s National Park may not be able to give you Poldark, Doc Martin, King Arthur and Cornish Pasties. Strangely though there does seem to be an influx of Pasty shops, so you know when in need of a Pasty you can get one. But we can give you so much on that list and like Cornwall probably more. The lists are very possibly endless.

Here we have:

Pirates & Smuggling especially in our very own Robin Hood’s Bay

Quaint coastal fishing villages

Yorkshire Puddings – A roast dinner isn’t a roast dinner without one

Yorkshire Parkin but you will find many offerings of Cream Teas & Afternoon Teas

Fresh Seafood – The Yorkshire Coast is home to the largest lobster and brown crab European fishery

Seaside towns of Scarborough, Whitby & Saltburn each one different from the other

A whole National Park of Heather Moorland and the North Yorkshire coastline

Alum Mining & Iron Works

Heartbeat, The Royal & The Yorkshire Steam Railway | All Aboard

Beacon Farm Ice-cream & The Belly Buster – 8 scoops any combination of flavours & toppings

Some of the best surf in England and some great spots for Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Andrew Pern with The Star Inn at Harome, The Star Inn The City at York & Star Inn The Harbour at Whitby

And finally, Captain Cook the great British Explorer

So, when you compare the two you can see Yorkshire, The North York Moor’s, Robin Hood’s Bay, Whitby and The Yorkshire Coast are every inch the Cornwall of the North.

But don’t take our word for it come and find out for yourself.

Book a stay here in Robin Hood’s Bay. The villages very heritage filled full of fishing, smuggling and contraband. Stay in the very cottages that housed the smugglers, once full of hidey holes filled with contraband. Secret tunnels from the Beck that led off into houses and pubs. It’s said that contraband could leave the ships and boats ashore at Robin Hood’s Bay and never see daylight till the top of the old village.

What are you waiting for? Come and make memories in the Cornwall of the North.



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