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52 Ways To Enjoy Robin Hood’s Bay: #43 Autumn Foraging

52 Ways To Enjoy Robin Hood’s Bay: #43 Autumn Foraging

There can’t be a more fun time of year to go foraging and where more picturesque to go foraging than Robin Hood’s Bay?

You will find lots of hedgerows here on the fields, woodland and moorland that form the backdrop of the coastline and Robin Hood’s Bay. We've all had fun as kids picking brambles and making pies or crumble. Safe foraging can go way beyond this. Forage for rosehips, elderberries and sloe berries whilst on your holidays. Make syrup, jam or Gin. Now we know your Gin won't be ready whilst you're on Holiday but what a nice little memento. Indulge at Christmas and taste Robin Hood's Bay and bring back memories with every sip.

You could go mushroom picking but unless you're really in the know it can be a dangerous sport. Instead why not see how many different species you can find. Snap your fungi with your camera and see what you find. All the fun without any harm.

Now whilst you're on the coast you could Indulge yourself in some foraging with a difference. Coastal foraging. You will find foraging trips available in Robin Hood's Bay with Taste The Wild.

Forage for seaweed and shellfish. Rummage in rockpools with the stunning backdrop of Robin Hood's Bay and Ravenscar. Identify species of seaweed and shellfish both edible and inedible.

Enjoy a lunch of foraged goods from land and sea.

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