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Along Came Eddie

Along Came Eddie

Just like that we happen to be doggy parents to two puppy Pugs. Not only that we're pawrents to sibling puppy Pugs. Lilly & Eddie. 

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 Most of you are familiar with our teeny tiny dot of a Pug Lilly Lou. Lilly dominates our lives & social media feeds daily; we are just so much in love with her. So, when the opportunity arose to have her brother, we didn't really have to think about it very long. We knew we could give this little man a forever happy home. We knew we had enough love for the two of them.

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 Now here's a funny story. Once upon a time not that long ago as it happens, we were a couple that wanted a dog. More to the point we wanted a Spaniel or a dog that didn't really shed hair. Ha ha did you laugh, a dog that doesn't shed hair. It's a myth surely. I shed so much hair much to Sam's annoyance off my head never mind if I was covered in the stuff.

 So, the story continues. We met a Pug and Sam especially fell in love with her. Betsy by name the day came when this funny gorgeous little Pug had puppies. We would regularly go and play with the four of them and cuddle them. Getting to know their little personalities. Rose, Dozer, Eddie and Lilly. Rode was the first to go to her forever home. Then followed Dozer (now the gorgeous and handsome Juke) who amazingly lives around the corner. Lucky puppies.

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 Two puppies were left Eddie and Lilly and we were still saying we can't have a puppy. A puppy won't fit into our lives. We have a big holiday planned. It's coming to the start of the summer season how will we cope? After lots of playful sulking from me no less and lots of no we can’t from Sam I began to win him over a little. The irony of this being that I am usually the very sensible one. Sam would never make a crazy rash decision. However, of the two of us he is most likely to throw caution to the wind. 

 The time came, Sammy said yes, and we came home with Lilly. A week later Eddie went to his new home to start a new life. We were sad because like Rose he wasn't going to be so close by. We had bid goodbye forever. Fast forward 12 weeks and we heard the news that Eddie was looking for a new forever home. We were shocked but began the umming and ahhhhing. Sam gave me the answer in 5 seconds question yes or no? I returned the question. We both said yes.

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And just like that, along came Eddie.

 True story.

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