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Scarborough Woof

Scarborough Woof

Here on the Yorkshire Coast we have our very own Catfish known as Scarborough Woof. You will see this fish appear on the menus of the local Seafood Restaurants and gracing the counters of the local Fish Mongers.

Native to our coastline Scarborough Woof is fished in local waters. Should you come face to face with a Scarborough Woof don’t be put off by its ugly appearance for this fish is meaty in texture and full of flavour.

You won’t go far wrong ordering the Scarborough from the menu. Not only is Woof tasty, its locally caught and you can’t really get fresher than that. Little in the way of a carbon footprint this fish that is about to grace your plate makes for an environmentally friendly meal. So next time you’re in the area get ya sen some of that Scarborough Woof.

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