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10 Ways To Ditch The Plastic On Your Robin Hood’s Bay Holiday

10 Ways To Ditch The Plastic On Your Robin Hood’s Bay Holiday

We’re all becoming increasingly aware that single use plastic is no good for us, animal life and the planet. We’re making our planet and animal life sick but more importantly people around the world are having to live in amongst mountains, rivers and seas full of single use plastics that will outlive all of us.

We all know that it’s a big problem and one that no individual can solve on their own. If we all make one small change together, we can change the world a bit at a time and the amount of single use plastic littered around it never to decay.

Every time our sister company Baytown Cleaning & Management clean a holiday cottage more often than not left behind are:

Supermarket Bags

Half empty toiletry bottles

Plastic food containers

Broken Fishing Nets (The net is plastic)

Broken crabbing buckets or buckets & spades

Where do they go? Sadly, in the bin.

So, here are the Top Ten ways to ditch the plastic when you come to Robin Hood’s Bay:

1. Bring a reusable water bottle per person in your party. Try to opt for a stainless-steel bottle. Not only will it keep your drink cool it will also be suitable for hot drinks and you are ditching any use of plastic for your water.

This goes for the pooch too instead of buying a single use plastic bottle of water bring your own Dog Water Bottle. Forgot theirs? Fear not we have our very own Dog Shop dedicated to your bet canine friend. At Paws of Robin Hood’s Bay

2. Continuing the drinks theme don’t forget the reusable travel cup for your hot beverages. Again, try and opt for a stainless-steel cup, it will keep your beverages hot for hours or indeed your cold ones cold.

Forgot yours? Pop into the Old Drapery who have a selection of Bamboo travel cups. They also have a selection of other eco friendly items such as bags, socks and picnic blankets and your purchase will be packed up into a very environmentally friendly recyclable paper bag.

3. Ditch the bottles of Shampoo and body wash and opt for shampoo bars and a good old bar of soap. You will find shampoo bars are becoming easier and easier to come by creeping into more mainstream chain stores.

Forgot yours? Pop into Totally Natural Skincare on Church Street in Whitby who have a selection.

4. Bring your own reusable cutlery set for when you’re eating out and about. You will find some nifty little sets in the National Trust shops. You will find the Robin Hood’s Bay National Trust shop in the Old Coastguard Station in the Dock.

5. Don’t buy fishing nets if you really don’t have to. Get stuck in with your hands rummaging around the rockpools.  

If you do feel the need to buy a net, try and pick a good sturdy one that will serve you time and time again coming to Robin Hood’s Bay.

The same goes for the bucket, you could just double up and use the same bucket for sandcastle building for Rock pooling.

It’s much more fun getting mucky, covered in sand and getting wet.

6. One for the ladies and the personal hygiene menstrual cups will not only save you money it could save you from potentially fatal Toxic Shock Syndrome. Not only is it kinder to you a menstrual cup is kinder to the environment.

We won’t lie to you either it’s also kinder on the cleaners, the bathroom bin is always the one that guests forget to empty. The bathroom bin is without a shadow of a doubt the worst job hands down for a cleaner. FYI.

Now if you forget yours unfortunately you won’t find them in the local shops of Robin Hood’s Bay, but we do have the mainstream stores in Whitby or there’s always next day delivery.

7. If you like a new toothbrush for your holiday instead of buying the plastic ones why not indulge in a bamboo number.

Not only is it great for brushing your teeth its biodegradable so when your trusty toothbrush has had better days pop it in the compost bin.

Again, you won’t find Bamboo toothbrushes in Robin Hood’s Bay, but you will find them in the more mainstream stores of Whitby.

8. Bring a reusable shopping bag and say no to plastic bags in the shops.

Don’t have one? You will find a selection of shopping style bags for sale in several of the shops in Robin Hood’s Bay to suit all budgets. Most of them are either handmade or hand printed making a lovely souvenir of your trip for when you go home. Your new shopping bag will also double as a great new beach bag, 2 uses in 1.

9. Say no to plastic straws. If paper straws aren’t available and you haven’t yet purchased your very own reusable straw, then consider do you really need it, or can you do without it?

You will find paper straws available to buy in lots of shops these days so why not carry a box with you?

10. Take part in a 2 Minute Beach Clean. You will find #2minutebeachclean boards at the Old Coastguard Station in the Dock of Robin Hood’s Bay or at Boggle Hole Youth Hostel. Here you will find buckets or bags and litter pickers for you to go on the beach and do your very own Beach Clean for 2 minutes or 2 hours or more, whatever takes your fancy.

What more rewarding than knowing you have contributed to helping keep Robin Hood’s Bay Beach clean and free from as much plastic and rubbish as possible.

Not only will you be keeping the beach clean you will be helping marine life live in cleaner oceans.

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So, now all you have to do is plan your Holiday, Vacation, Staycation or Microgap and where better to start than with a Baytown Holiday Cottage.

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