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52 Ways to Enjoy Robin Hood’s Bay: #26 Discover A Dinosaur & Go Fossil Hunting

52 Ways to Enjoy Robin Hood’s Bay: #26 Discover A Dinosaur & Go Fossil Hunting

You may or may not know that Robin Hood’s Bay is famed for Fossils. They don’t call this the Dinosaur Coast for nothing.

Now we’re not promising you that you will find a whole Dinosaur but how exciting to find a fossil of something that lived whilst Dinosaurs roamed the land. In our book that’s pretty amazing.

We don’t advise knocking chunks out of the cliffs, nor do we advise scurrying along underneath them in a bid to find your prehistoric treasure. The cliffs are prone to rock falls so keep a safe distance and give the tide time to go out before setting off on your adventure. Afterall if you do find a Dinosaur you really are going to want to stay alive to tell the tale.

The kind of fossils you are likely to find here on Robin Hood’s Bay Beach are Ammonites mostly but keep a close eye as there are others to be found along with Jet.

Now some of the fossils you find may be impossible to take home as they may be in large rocks and boulders. You could alternatively take photos or rubbings of your finds.

There are also Fossil Finding trips held here in Robin Hood’s Bay by Hidden Horizons but you may also find others.

Robin Hood’s Bay is also home to the Yorkshire Coast Dinosaur and Fossil Museum so if all else fails you could always purchase a fossil and tell your friends you found it yourself. But of course, we never said that.

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