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Robin Hood’s Bay Holidays Are Coming

Robin Hood’s Bay Holidays Are Coming

Just as one academic holiday comes to an end it seems there’s another one quite literally around the corner and it all starts in February. Once we’re graced with the first half-term of the year it’s not long until the Easter break, followed by May bank holidays, Whitsun then in comes the big one the 6 weeks of summer. No sooner have the academics of the family returned to their learning routine and you’re faced with the October half-term and then boom it’s 2 weeks of Christmas and New Year and low and behold it’s time to start all over again.

No matter if you’re the little member of the family, a school, college or university student, a teacher or tutor we understand that the holidays can be a costly expense especially during the summer months.

At Baytown Holiday Cottages we have come to notice the shift in pattern that people book their holidays whether it’s a staycation or a vacation. We understand that a household income or individual income doesn’t stretch anywhere near as far as it used too. Our prices are variable throughout the year and particularly reflect the time of year. Yes, you will find that prices are at their peak during the summer, this is after all the nature of the beast. The quality of the weather is better, the option of activities is greater, the choice of eating establishment more. You will find that the option for your length of stay is becoming more pocket friendly. Once where block weeks were all that was available you will now find a choice of a 3 night stay upwards in peak periods and 2-night stays upwards in the lower to medium season. The choice is far more flexible than it ever used to be.

Now taking a staycation or even a vacation in the UK for the main holiday event might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it can really help break up the year and help the holiday budget stretch a little further to more than one holiday a year. So many of us are so guilty of not discovering the very area we live in never mind different parts of the UK. It really is surprising the hidden gems we have here, and we’ve made it our mission to shout about those little gems in our beloved Robin Hood’s Bay and the North York Moor’s National Park. Afterall, Robin Hood’s Bay wasn’t ranked “Best Seaside Destination” and the North York Moors voted “National Park of the Year” for nothing.

Family holidays aside we also understand the need and want for escape. With the Gap Year becoming less and less accessible or a possibility due to the shear expense and or commitments. Add to that the frustration of jobs not being quite as easy to come by we are less likely to down tools and hop off halfway around the world for 6 months to a year. In comes the Microgap, a chance to tick off those Bucket List items without the expense of the Gap Year. Instead the Microgap offers a means to an escape with all the excitement of a Gap Year in pocket friendly bite sized holidays, vacations or staycations. It’s fair to say that many of us don’t realise that not only the UK but Yorkshire offers many of our Bucket List items and more.

So, without further ado here’s a link to our article all about the Microgap for a little inspiration of what you might just pack in to a short stay here on the Yorkshire Coast. Not looking for a Microgap, looking for that all important family holiday or an adventure with friends, a romantic memorable weekend or a dog friendly place to take the pooch then check it out too. You might just find exactly what you are looking for.

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