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Man On The Moors Finds A New Home

Man On The Moors Finds A New Home

Once upon a time high up on Castleton Rigg you could find a figure in the landscape. Unless you knew he was there he didn’t stick out prominently in amongst the Heather and the rocks as much as you would think, not from the roadside anyway. 

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Sitting at 9 foot and 10 or so inches tall the marvellous bronze statue was unbelievably life like. You could almost imagine this magnificent sculpture coming to life at night fall roaming the Moors before taking his perch back on the Rigg before sunrise to spend his day looking intently over Westerdale watching the world go by whilst deep in thought. 

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The work of Sean Henry commissioned by the David Ross Foundation was installed on the North York Moors National Park in June 2017 for 5 years only, we couldn’t help but hope he would stay longer. 

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With every crease in his forehead, to the creases in his clothes, boots and bag and from the wedding band on his finger to dirt around his finger nails you couldn’t help but wonder. Wonder what this “Seated Figure” was thinking. What is his back story? Who is his wife? What is his Job? 

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A truly magnificent sight to see you were also be wowed by the 360-degree views over the North York Moors National Park (don’t worry they are still there). With views over Westerdale, out over Castleton to Danby you get stunning views no matter what the day. If it’s cloudy you are graced with atmospheric grey tones in the sky and the most wonderful brown’s, dark greens, golden and rusty orange tones in the land. On sunny days you may be lucky enough to be graced with clear blue skies, and when we say blue, they really are the bluest of skies. By far the most stunning and breath taking of sights is when the purple Heather of the Moors is in full bloom. From August to September you will be graced with a purple carpet for miles and miles but if you look closely you will see mixtures of pinks, purples and oranges. 

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Some of you will be familiar with the legend that was  “Seated Man on the Moor” and may have even visited him more than once. For those of you who haven’t yet seen this peaceful Giant sadly he no longer resides on the top of Castleton Rigg, but all is not lost he’s just found a new home that’s all. Maybe the astounding beauty of the North York Moor’s National Park just got a bit too much for him. You will be able to visit this spectacular giant at his new home the Yorkshire Sculpture Park near Wakefield. 

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