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All Availability

All Availability

We’ve got a shiny new feature on our website. Want to know what it is?

Oh, go on then, we’ll tell you.

Way back when in the midst of summer 2018 we added our “Online Booking” feature to give you our fabulous customers a more user-friendly experience. We also wanted to expand your options in our booking services. So, if you want to call and speak to a friendly member of our team you can.

That’s me Sian ….

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And him Sam ….

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 If you want to fill out a booking enquiry via our website, we’ve got that feature covered too. If you want to send us an email, check, that’s there also. Or if your booking is straightforward and you just want to get it booked and paid then the online booking service is perfect for you.

Well with the super talented Jack Barber, website designer extraordinaire we can now make things even easier for you. We have an “All Availability” page.

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We’ve noticed a shift in trends lately and lots and lots of our lovely visitors to Robin Hood’s Bay book reasonably last minute. So, now to make life easier for you the “All Availability” page is a shiny new welcome addition. You can view quite literally as it says on the tin all availability for all cottages.

Visitors that prefer their vacation or staycation booked a little or well in advance the all availability page is a handy tool for you too. Click through each month and you can find all availability for every cottage for that very month. A great feature that saves time, something we all never have enough of in this day and age.

All you need to do to try out Baytown Holiday Cottages new website feature is to click the “Book Oline” logo and Bob’s your Uncle.

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