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52 Ways To Enjoy Robin Hood’s Bay: #12 Sample A Baytown Beer

52 Ways To Enjoy Robin Hood’s Bay: #12 Sample A Baytown Beer

What better way to pay homage to days of smugglers than with the perfectly named Baytown Beer?

Once upon a time this quaint little village tucked away between the cliffs from Whitby to Scarborough now called Robin Hood’s Bay was in fact called Baytown. With its Old Fisherman’s Cottages tumbling down towards the sea, each one almost built into the next it is impossible sometimes to know where one begins and where one ends. With the stunning Bay tucked back away from prying eyes and 6 miles from Whitby and approximately 16 miles from Scarborough you can see why Baytown was the perfect haven for the smuggling of contraband.

Legend has it that items such as Rum, Brandy, Tea, Silk and Tobacco could leave the ships at the bottom of the Bay and reach the top of Robin Hood’s Bay without ever seeing daylight.

Baytown Beer although not brewed in Baytown is very much a local product as the brainchild of a local resident and heavily inspired by the local heritage.

With products like:

Baytown Bitter 

Squires Connivance Porter 

Smugglers Haul Strong Bitter 

Press Gang's Arrival Pale Ale 

Revenue's Revenge Premium Lager 

Petticoats Deceit Premium Cider 

Dragoon Whiskey 

Linger's Ghost Vodka 

Squire Farsyde Port 

 Zachariah Storm Gin 

Names influenced and derived from legends, tales, local families from the days when Robin Hood’s Bay or Baytown was indeed rife with smuggling activity.

It is possible to sample many of the Baytown Beers and Spirits in local Pubs, eateries and shops. Baytown Beers and Spirits are also available to purchase online when you return home from your stay or trip. So, you can take the taste of Baytown home with you or indeed why not take the taste of Robin Hood’s Bay home for your family and friends to try.

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