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English National Parks Experience Collection

English National Parks Experience Collection


Throughout 2018 we attended several workshops and events hosted by Susan Briggs’ Tourism Knowhow and the North York Moors National Park. It was during this time that we heard about the upcoming English National Parks Experience Collection, ENPEC for short. The collection was and is about the coming together of England’s National Parks to bring immersive experiences to the International Travel Trade to tell the tale of history, culture and landscapes. Experience Providers and Accommodation Providers across the National Parks were invited to put themselves forward for a selection process in the hope of being one of 5 or so providers in each National Park and each category of Accommodation or Experience Provider.

We pondered whether we should put ourselves forward in the Accommodation category, being a relatively new and a young business we figured there was not a chance of us ever getting through. We thought about it some more and decided as much as we didn’t think we had a chance we also had nothing to lose. We set about putting together our application information and completing the online form refusing at any point to get excited about it telling ourselves to just put it to the back of our minds.

As time went on there was a bit of a buzz about the collection on the Facebook group we belonged to. We were starting to get excited about the collection not for us or in hope but, for our fellow North York Moors entrants. We wished them all good luck and telling them of our excitement to see which of them would be successful.

The applications closed, and we cracked on with our work, both businesses keeping us very busy indeed trying not to think about our application.

One afternoon in June 2018 we stopped off at Sainsbury's on the way back from Robin Hood's Bay. Being the productive pair that we are we covered two jobs at once. shopping & emails. Quite handy for business the old advancement in technology that is the mobile phone. So, we're casually perusing the wine aisle as you do and Sam announces we've got an email from ENPEC, can you guess what it says Sian? So, me being me I work through the process of elimination and the stages we've completed (if you cast your memory back to the start, we've completed an application form) and so I tell Sam I think it's a thank you for your application but, you've been unsuccessful.  So, after much toing and froing I finally read the email to see it with my own eyes that we've been successful. Qué a little dance and Sainsbury's has the two happiest customers to ever grace its wine aisle.

Fast forward to the end of February 2019 a little later than expected and theEnglish National Parks Experience Collection goes live. We couldn't be happier or prouder to be part of the collection and to feature alongside some of the amazing Experience and Accommodation providers in our National Park. Although the collection is aimed at the International Travel Trade the English National Parks Experience Collection is a great way to get a taste for what quality Experiences & Accommodation the North York Moors National Park has to offer. 

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