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52 Ways To Enjoy Robin Hood’s Bay: #10 Get Lost In Robin Hood’s Bay

52 Ways To Enjoy Robin Hood’s Bay: #10 Get Lost In Robin Hood’s Bay

Those that are familiar with Robin Hood’s Bay and frequent its cobbled alleyways regularly will probably wonder now how it is possible to ever get lost in this little old fishing village. But, once upon a time on their first encounter with the village that was once called Baytown they too will have found themselves lost.

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Small, quaint and quirky and with only one road in and one road out you too may wonder how you could ever get lost in this little gem of a village just perched on the side of a steep hill on the coastal edge of the North York Moors National Park.

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As you descend into the old village of Robin Hood’s Bay you will see pretty little streets off to the left at first then also to your right as you reach the bottom of what is known as Bay Bank. As you begin to explore further and make your way down the pretty streets you will find yourself wandering down little snickets and cobbled alleyways. As you turn one way and then another you will begin to notice the little old fisherman’s cottages and how they intertwine. You will find yourself wondering where one begins and where one ends and then you will turn another corner and be wowed with the most wonderful sea view and further wonder how did that get there?

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 As you continue your little adventure this is when you begin to get lost both in the magic of the village, its charm, it’s character and its beauty but you will also find yourself unable to navigate your way through the myriad of streets back to the one road in and the one road out. You’ll turn corners again, walk up more little snickets and alleyways, and you’ll come to a spot where you’ve already been and wonder again how did I get here? It’s all part of the adventure and it is then you will understand how this little part of the world was once a hive of activity alive with the smuggling of contraband. You will understand how it was possible for Rum, Brandy, Tea, Silk and Tobacco to make its way through the village from the shore without ever being seen by the watchful eye of the customs officer.

Do enjoy that feeling of being lost for it is impossible to be lost for long in Robin Hood’s Bay. You are sure enough to come across a friendly local you will be happy to help you on your way. 

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