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52 Ways to Enjoy Robin Hood's Bay: #7 Go Rock Pooling

52 Ways to Enjoy Robin Hood's Bay: #7 Go Rock Pooling

One of our favourite ways here at Baytown Holiday Cottages to enjoy Robin Hood's Bay and the beach is to go rock pooling. Lucky for us we have one of the best beaches on the Yorkshire Coast for rock pooling, we have them in abundance here. No matter what the tide is doing and what the tide leaves behind sand and seaweed wise you are guaranteed rock pools. No day on the beach here is the same, it changes with each tide and with the weather, maintaining an air of mystery and a sense of magic about it.

Rock pooling is a great way for young ones to learn all about the beach and sea life.

You don't need anything to go rock pooling other than arming your feet with a good set of wellies or other waterproof footwear especially in winter. You can buy a trusty net and bucket if you want to observe your critters a little bit more if you wish too, but it's not necessary. 

Muir Lea Stores 

Nets and buckets are available from the local shops:

Thorpe Stores in Fylingthorpe 

Station Road Stores in Upper Robin Hood's Bay 

Muir Lea Stores in Lower Robin Hood's Bay 

Bay Beach 5

 What critters you might find: 

 Small Fish 


 Hermit Crabs






You will also find many varieties of Seaweed which is plentiful here and if you're lucky you might find a Shrimp or Lobster.

Bay Beach 1

You can enjoy our rock pools all year round, but the best months tend to be late spring to early autumn. The months are warmer and the seas less rough.

Don’t forget to check under rocks for our rock pool critters as they like to hide in seaweed and nooks and crevices. Do be careful when placing rocks back so as not to crush any of the rock pool residents.

Bay Beach 6

Because we’re about the Do’s and not the Don’ts here at Baytown Holiday Cottages here are a few Do’s to ensure you have a safe but fun time rock pooling in Robin Hood’s Bay:

Do read the safety signs at the top of the slipway in the Dock of Robin Hood’s Bay.

Do try to head out when the tide is going out for the best rock pooling activity. About one to two hours before low tide.

Do check the tide table before heading out. If you are unsure do ask a local or at the old Coastguard Station.

Do watch your step and footing, the rocks and seaweed are very slippy in places.

Do be careful when handling rock pool critters as some may nip, bite or sting.

Do return all your rock pool critters back to their little homes before you leave the beach.

Do take your bucket and net home with you. If you have finished with them why not give them to someone who has just arrived and why not tell them about all the fantastic little creatures you found.

Do, do the most important thing of all, have lots of fun exploring the rock pools in Robin Hood’s Bay.

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