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Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Robin Hood's Bay and the North York Moors National Park's Coastal and Moors Towns and Villages have for many years provided the location for many a Film, T.V programme and Advert.


The most famous of them all has got to be Heartbeat and the fictional Moors village of Aidensfield. Set in the real-life village of Goathland nearby to Whitby the North York Moors National Park features heavily with the occasional visit into Whitby on the show.

Running from 1992 to 2010 the long running TV show is still a firm hit with many and it's possible to still catch re-runs.

Thinking of visiting this wonderful location there are many famous sights to spot such as Bernie Scripps Garage, The Aidensfield Arms otherwise known as The Goathland Hotel, the Cross and the parade of shops in the opening titles and many more.

Scripps Garage

The Royal

The spin off show to Heartbeat, The Royal was filmed in Scarborough with the main building posing as St Aidan’s Hospital in the show and stands on South Cliff.

Running from 2003 to 2011 there is many a famous face to spot in The Royal. You will get many a glimpse of Scarborough itself along with Goathland (Aidensfield) and the North York Moors National Park.

Like Heartbeat it is still possible to catch re-runs of The Royal.

Harry Potter & Hogsmeade Station

Back to Goathland we go. Would it surprise you to know that Goathland Station is Indeed Hogsmeade Station in the very first Harry Potter Film? You can indeed see Hagrid, Hermione, Ron & Harry along with many other faces from the film stood on the Station Platform. Along with them also stands many of the local school children at the time one of which happens to be a Robin Hood's Bay local.

Should you choose to ride one of the beautiful Steam Trains across the North York Moors to Pickering you will definitely get a sense of being in the Film itself.

Hogsmeade Station 2

The Phantom Thread

Daniel Day Lewis' proposed last Film before retiring from acting will find you catching glimpses of Robin Hood's Bay and the Victoria Hotel. You may however do a double take as the Restaurant indeed had a full temporary makeover for the film. You will also spot the odd member of staff and the management team too.

Other locations include Whitby, Lythe & Staithes.

Morrisons Advert

Two famous faces that you may be familiar with, Ant & Dec appeared in a Morrisons Advert set in Whitby Harbour back in 2013.

Bad Move

Jack Dee and Kerry Godliman star in ITV's incredibly funny sitcom Bad Move as husband and wife team.

Filmed in picturesque Rosedale and Farndale and running from 2017, the series co-written by as well as starring the hilariously dry and funny Jack Dee focuses on their move to the countryside. Does all go to plan?

The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard

North Yorkshires Heritage Railway hit our TV screens in its very own TV series for the first time in 2017.

Covering all stations from Grosmont to Pickering along the North Yorkshire Moors Railway the programme covers life running the heritage railway from the Engine Sheds, to the Catering Team, Management Team to the volunteers that help keep the railway running.

When visiting the Railway don't forget to keep a look out for the stars of the show.

Grosmont Engine Sheds

Transformers The Last Knight

Rievaulx Abbey and its ruins provide the dramatic and stunning setting for the Transformers The Last Knight Film.

There is no mistaking that this is indeed Riveaulx Abbey so you will have no trouble spotting it as provides the amazing and very fitting backdrop for King Arthur and his Knights.

Whether you're a Transformers fan or not this magnificent location is definitely worth a visit. 

Rievaulx Abbey

The Runaways

Last but not least, The Runaways is a 2019 release. Primarily filmed across the North York Moors National Park you'll see a few famous faces in this film. Following 3 siblings and their Donkeys the children runaway across the North York Moors after an upsetting turn of events. As they head for the coast, you'll see many of your favourite North York Moors National Park locations, Pickering, Runswick Bay, Grosmont Railway Station and Goathland. You will also see Rosedale Hall, Whitby & Scarborough.

Most definitely one to watch and celebrate seeing our National Park on the big screen.



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