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Sandsend Village Nr Whitby

Sandsend Village Nr Whitby

Just 8 miles from Robin Hood's Bay you'll find the picturesque village of Sandsend. A firm favourite of ours Sandsend is very much the picture perfect, postcard village. Quaint cottages with picket fences, rose bushes, pretty little gardens and a stream running at either end of the village meeting the sea you'll be yearning to up sticks and relocate to this little gem on the Yorkshire Coast. There isn't anything about Sandsend that isn't idyllic. Facing out to sea you are met with 3 miles of sandy beach and behind a backdrop that is Mulgrave Woods.

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Not just a firm favourite with us at Baytown Holiday Cottages Sandsend is also favourite for many families, dog owners, walkers, surfers, foodies & summer time sun bathers.

For a small village Sandsend is by no means short of things to do and it is quite easy to spend the day here and want to come back to experience and discover more.

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Mulgrave Woods

Mulgrave Woods are very much working Woods with a Timber Works, they are also home to game birds such as pheasant and grouse.

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 It is possible to see a range of wildlife & vegetation throughout the seasons with woodland flowers, wild garlic and a variety of fungi to name a few you may also be lucky enough to spot a deer or two. 

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A great spot to visit is the old Mulgrave Castle, peaceful and tranquil the ruin sits in an opening with stunning views across the Mulgrave Estate towards the new Castle.

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The woods are reasonably accessible to prams, wheelchairs or mobility scooters if you remain on the main track. You will come across sections of uneven and steep inclines. The hill up towards the old Castle is very steep and to access the ruins you will need to climb a flight of stone steps.

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Mulgrave Woods are open to the public on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year apart from May when the woods are closed for the whole month.

Open Garden

The new Castle is the private dwelling of the Normanby family, owners of the Mulgrave Estate. It is possible to get a glimpse of their stunning home and marvel at their wonderful walled garden on select dates in the Spring and Summer.

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Well behaved dogs are welcome, and you will find refreshments for sale.

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The Beach 

With 3 miles of sandy beach to go at you can quite easily take a leisurely stroll barefoot down the foreshore. 

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If beachcombing is your thing keep your eyes peeled as Sandsend can be a great spot to find pretty green, white and blue sea glass. Another favourite of ours is to search for heart shaped pebbles a hobby that all started in Sandsend and where we have found our best beach treasure to date. You will also find rock pools and fossils. In the warmer months you will find quite often where the stream meets the beach little ones enjoy paddling here. A natural pool will sometimes form cut off from the sea making a safer place for small children to play in dinghy’s and to splash about under a watchful eye.

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Sandsend is also popular with surfers too. If you are new to surfing, you may want to practice at the nearby Whitby Surf School before attempting the waves of Sandsend. It is also possible to hire kit from here too.

For the latest surf report and forecast click here.

A dog friendly beach and village there are beach restrictions or in certain months, these are usually signposted so do keep an eye out for them. The beach restrictions are just a section of beach and not all of it where dogs can’t go so don’t be put off from bringing them.

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The Old Railway Line

Long disused the railway line used to run along the coast from Whitby to Middlesbrough. All along the line and in the village of Sandsend you will see many reminders of the days when this track indeed carried Trains and passengers to the seaside. 

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The old station still stands, you will see platform ledges and at the far end you will come across the old tunnel. Bordered up now you can’t walk through the tunnel anymore but you can continue up and around the entrance of the tunnel to the fields above as the old line forms part of The Cleveland Way.

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It is also possible to see lots of wildlife and an array of vegetation throughout the year from flowers, pheasants, wild garlic, heather, butterflies, slow-worms and so much more.

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You will find access down to the bay below at the far end of the line before the tunnel, but this is not for the faint hearted and you will have to climb down a ladder at the bottom to reach the rocky foreshore.


Sandsend is also a fantastic spot for geocaching and you don’t need a GPS device to do this just download the geocache app onto your phone.

You can find out more about the geocache trails and what to do here.

Don’t forget to take something with you to put in the geocache box and you can take something away with you. Help little trinkets make their way around the different geocache trails.

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Food & Drink

You can grab an ice-cream, a good cup of coffee, a good pint of ale or a glass of wine, a pub lunch, homemade cakes and if you’re really pushing the boat out you can fine dine during the day and the evening.

For Quick Drinks & Snacks:

Sandsend Stores

For Cake, Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Snacks, Light Lunches & Ice-Cream:


Sandside Cafe

Wits End Cafe

Pub Lunches & Evening Meals:

The Hart Inn

Finer Dining Options:

Bridge Cottage Bistro

Estbeck House


Along the road on either side coming from Whitby you will find parking spaces and at the far end of the village just below Lythe Bank you will find quite a large car park. You will be required to pay at the meter.

During the winter months from 1st November through to the end of February parking is usually free. For the latest parking information please check Scarborough Borough Councils Website.

Public Facilities

You will find public toilets at either end of Sandsend however, please be aware they are quite basic and do not have child changing facilities or designated disabled toilets.



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