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The Endeavour Experience Whitby

The Endeavour Experience Whitby

Looking for a unique experience for any age? Want an experience that is great for wet and windy days or during winter? Then The Endeavor Experience Whitby may just be a great day out for you.

A full-sized replica, HM Bark Endeavour returned home to Whitby in 2018 to mark the 250th Anniversary of Captain James Cook setting sale in HM Bark Endeavour.

The Endeavour Experience Whitby is so much more than just a Museum. Taking up permanent residence in Whitby Harbour The Endeavour sits grandly on the west side. With interactive experiences throughout the exhibition you can really learn the ropes of what life was really like onboard HM Bark Endeavour. Learn about the man himself Captain Cook and his crew and discover exhibits of:

The Main Deck:

Cook’s Great Cabin

Cook Up A Map

Nautical Knots

Ship’s Security

Looking Into The Stars

Meet Molyneux The Ships Master

The Sailmaker & Carpenter

Botanical Bounty

The Navy’s “Nursery”

Monkhouse The Barber-Surgeon

Sea Shanty Karaoke

The One-Armed Cook &

Secret Signals

The Top Deck:

The Capstan And Ships Wheel


Seats of Ease

Livestock &

Discipline Was Everything

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The Orlop Deck

The Orlop Café & Restaurant

After all that exploring and learning you’ll be ready for a feast fit for a ships Captain. You can either dine in the Orlop Café during the day for a meal just perfect for any seafarer or why not dine the fine way in the evening in the Orlop Restaurant.

The Great Cabin

 Seating up to 26 of your nearest and dearest why not hire the Great Cabin for an exceptionally unique and private dining experience.

Both the Orlop Restaurant and the Great Cabin are available to hire for corporate events. Now that is a corporate event with a great difference.

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Where will your Endeavour Experience take you?

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