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Who Are Baytown Holiday Cottages?

Who Are Baytown Holiday Cottages?

So here we are, Baytown Holiday Cottages 18 months old and we realise we never really introduced ourselves, not properly anyway.

Well here goes….

This is Sian….

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And this is Sam….

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This is Sian’s office….

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This is Sam’s office….

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And this is our collective and alternative office….

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Isn’t she beautiful?

Now you might be thinking how come Sam gets the office set up and Sian gets the kitchen table? Honestly, it just works that way and we are happy with it. Sam hates to talk on the phone with an audience and yes that includes Sian. Sian fidgets, has the worst attention span at times and well both of us just like to spread out. While we are on the subject, you can’t swing a cat in that office and we both need the room to just let ourselves work creatively in our own little thinking spaces. Yes, we are messy, yes that is quite literally the washing basket on the table in amongst the to do lists, the piles of work, the laptop and the all-important cup of coffee. But it’s also honest, just two people with a dream working hard doing something they love.

So, whether you book online, give us a call, write us an email or need assistance during your stay just know that it's quite simply just the two of us. It will be us that deals with your enquiry, processes your booking, answers the phone and knocks on your door when you need us. We also run Baytown Cleaning and Management and that also is just the two of us. So, it’s very likely we will have prepared the cottage for your stay too.

Don’t be deceived, we might be the newest Booking Agency promoting Holiday Cottages in Robin Hood’s Bay but we sure both know what we are doing. With combined experience working for and running another Booking Agency with currently the largest selection of Holiday Cottages in Robin Hood’s Bay we are no strangers to this Holiday Let’s malarkey. You could say we are the youngest, smallest “Booking Agency” in Robin Hood’s Bay packed full of dreams and ambition. Watch us on our journey and see our two little businesses grow as we work building the companies that we love and make our dreams reality. 



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