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Want to learn something new? Want to try something different this year? If the answers to both questions are yes, this might be the perfect thing for you.

We have teamed up with AFS Mountaineering to provide a map reading taster day right here in Robin Hood’s Bay.

There are many benefits to understanding maps, being able to plan and follow your own routes, knowing what to do when the weather unexpectedly comes in, changing your route mid-way to go and explore something else confidently. So why not come and learn new skills and start your journey to become an independent and confident map reader in an amazing place.

The taster day covers:

  • Maps and map scales
  • Making sense of Ordinance Survey and other maps
  • Landscape features as navigation aids
  • Orientating maps
  • Which path?
  • Going off piste
  • Weather and what to do about it
  • Navigation strategies

Depending on your previous experience of using maps, the day can be tailor made for you.

The day starts at 9am at Secret Seaview to see what you and the group want to get out of the day. We will aim to be back in Robin Hood’s Bay for 4pm for a short debrief. The cost for the day is just £30 per person. 

So, if you’re in the area or staying with us and want to take part, why not get in touch with us for more information.


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